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Organic Rankine Cycle equipment for Energy Management

  • Heat Recovery Units

    Turboden ORC technology is particularly suitable for producing electric energy by recovering heat from industrial processes and combined cycle systems. Turboden turbogenerators electric power output generally ranges between 400 kW and 5 MW.

  • Adoratec - Model ORC - Steam Power Plant

    In this case, the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology provides an interesting alternative. The Scottish professor William Rankine already developed the technology for using low temperature sources to generate electricity back in 1850. This technology also involves a steam-power system; however, instead of using water, an organic medium is ...

    By Adoratec GmbH based in Mönkeberg, GERMANY.

  • AQYLON - Model ATM-1000H - Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Module

    Our ATM-1000H ORC module can recover thermal power from 4 to 5 MWth. The net electricity generation reaches 1,000 kWe if heat source temperature inlet/outlet are 305°C/170°C and cold source temperature inlet/outlet are 35°C/45°C. In theses conditions, net electrical efficiency reaches 23.6%.

    By AQYLON based in Paris, FRANCE.

  • Diesel Engine

    The Triogen ORC will be connected to the engines. These diesel engines could be running on bio diesel, diesel from crude oil, etc. The Triogen ORC converts the flue gasses (which is waste heat) into electricity. When the engine drives an electrical generator, the electricity production of the system can be increased by 10% or more by using a ...

    By Tri-O-Gen B.V. based in Goor, DE, NETHERLANDS. from Diesel Engine Product line

  • Biomass

    The Triogen ORC can be used with biomass combustion, for example sawdust, chips, bark and treated wood; and other biomasses, such as straw, rice, husks and bio-sludge, as well as other high organic-content waste. The Triogen ORC will be connected to the combustor. The Triogen ORC converts the flue gasses from the combustor into electricity.

    By Tri-O-Gen B.V. based in Goor, DE, NETHERLANDS. from Biomass Product line

  • Exergy - Model GEX - Geothermal Binary Units

    Exergy designs and supplies organic Rankine cycle binary plants for geothermal resources. The first and only radial outflow turbine working with an organic fluid gives outstanding performance and flexibility: a proven solution that gives you clean energy and no worries. The availability of products using flammable or non-flammable working fluids ...

    By Exergy S.p.A. - Maccaferri Industrial Group based in Legnano, ITALY.

  • Exergy - Radial Outflow Turbine

    The radial outflow turbine designed and produced by Exergy is unique in the ORC market. From an inspiration in the 2010 of our CEO – Claudio Spadacini, we reinvented this technology and for the first time we took it to compete in the ORC field with the well-known axial and radial inflow configurations. This type of turbine has been used ...

    By Exergy S.p.A. - Maccaferri Industrial Group based in Legnano, ITALY.

  • Model AT - ORC Systems

    The systems are built as modules, which means that they can easily be combined and the maximum output is unlimited. Standard models’ dimensions vary from 2620 * 1200 * 2085 mm for the smallest model AT20 up to 12036 * 4736 * 6458 mm for AT1500. The smaller models are suitable for heat from solar panels, landfill gas and small pellet boilers, ...

    By Againity AB based in Norrköping, SWEDEN.

  • Global CSP - Organic Rankine Cycle System

    Global CSP announces - the future development of its ORC power packs, designed to be modular with interchangeable turbine and generators to suit the output requirements with co-generation ability using other fuels to supplement the solar power for continuous generation when required.

    By Global CSP based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Orcan - Model ePack NT - Compact ORC Module

    Simple, efficient, economical. The solution for low-temperature heat: Our ePack NT compact ORC module. The innovative and patented ePack is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, which has been used in large power plants for many years. It can be deployed in various applications in the field of waste heat recycling and CO2-free power ...

    By Orcan Energy AG based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • Climeon - Heat Power System

    By exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water (or heat exchange of gas or steam with hot water), the Climeon Heat Power system converts waste heat into clean electricity. The system operates at low pressure levels in comparison to traditional heat power solutions. For example, Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC), which operate at ...

    By Climeon AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • GEOCAL - Geothermal ORC Power Plant

    GEOCAL-„geological caloric' describes our organic rankine cycle product line for the use of geothermal energy. The name GEOCAL® stands for power plants that offer the technological solution to raise vast geothermal potentials based on the organic rankine cycle process. By help of this process it is made possible, to ...

    By INTEC GMK GmbH based in Bargeshagen, GERMANY. from Geothermal ORC Power Plant Product line

  • Termal Oil Vertical Boilers

    Boiler used to burn waste / biomass with special attention to the regular cleaning / maintenance, with high efficiency and low horizontal dimensions The ideal type of boiler for integration as thermal power generator in ORC systems.

    By Flucal Caldeiras S.A. based in Oporto, PORTUGAL. from Termal Oil Vertical Boilers Product line

  • ÖKOTHERM - Model 1800 kW and 3600 kW - Furnace Modules

    Combustion heat performance 1800 kW und 3600 kW. For all classes of biomass fuels

    By A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH based in Hirschau, GERMANY.

  • AxCYCLE - Organic Rankine Cycles Software

    AxCYCLE lets you model every phase of the design of thermal power plants using the Organic Rankine Cycle method.

    By SoftInWay Inc. based in Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Organic Rankine Cycles Software Product line

  • AQYLON - Model ATM-5000H - Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Module

    Our ATM-5000H ORC module can recover thermal power from 10 to 25 MWth. The net electricity generation reaches 5,000 kWe if heat source temperature inlet/outlet are 305°C/170°C and cold source temperature inlet/outlet are 35°C/45°C. In theses conditions, net electrical efficiency reaches up to 24.2%.

    By AQYLON based in Paris, FRANCE.

  • Gas Engine

    Natural gas or biogas from digestion processes and landfill sites are used to drive (static cogeneration) engines for power production. When the exhausts of these engines are connected to the Triogen ORC, the total electrical production of the plant will be increased by up to 10%. The engine condenser load as well as the ORC cooling circuit can be ...

    By Tri-O-Gen B.V. based in Goor, DE, NETHERLANDS. from Gas Engine Product line

  • Power+ Generator - Model 4400 - up to 65kWe - Waste Heat To Power - Organic Rankine Cycle Machine

    The Power+ Generator 4400 is an Organic Rankine Cycle machine generating up to 65kWe and ideal for lower flow waste heat. The performance table below shows the 4400's heat and flow parameters.

    By ElectraTherm based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model LT-Series - Power Generation Modules

    Designed using cutting edge-technologies, the LT-Series ORC power generation modules by Texas Green Technologies are a compact and efficient solution for small-scale primary power generation. Available in a models ranging from 100 a 175 kWE, and able to work even under partial load (i.e. thermal input lower than nominal) LT systems use overheated ...

    By Texas Green Technologies LLC based in Richmond, TEXAS (USA).

  • Biomass Fired Energy Plants

    The BONO SISTEMI biomass fuelled plant is the heart of an energy system able to generate pure heat for industrial processes, district heating for small and medium communities, and electrical power if coupled to power generators such as steam engines and turbines, or other devices. When the two purposes are jointed we then talk about CHP plant ...

    By Bono Sistemi S.p.A. based in Peschiera Borromeo, ITALY.

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