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Power Plant Control equipment for Energy Management

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    Protection of Hydropower Equipments

    Variable frequency drives (VFDs) at hydroelectric power plants often control critical systems such as irrigation, water levels, fish management devices or flood gate control systems. In many cases the VFDs may already be equipped with manufacturer-installed line side surge protective devices (SPDs) to protect against spikes generated by switching ...

    By Raycap based in Maroussi Athens, GREECE. from Energy/Utilities - Renewable Energy Product line

  • PC Module for PV Plant Power Management

    Expansion modules add extra functions to basic Solar Monitor unit. They click on to the DIN rail next to Solar Monitor or other expansion module. A bus in DIN rail connects them easily without any wiring. PC module (Power Control) controls production of your PV plant. The PV plant adapts its production automatically according to an order of a ...

    By Solar Monitor Ltd based in Turnov, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Extension Modules Product line

  • Inverters for uninterrupted AC voltage

    We offer inverter systems with a very high efficiency rating for plants where uninterrupted AC voltage is required. They guarantee highest availability of AC power from your battery system and make your operation secure and effective. Our high quality inverter system can be used in various forms of critical applications, such as power plants and ...

    By KraftPowercon based in SWEDEN. from Uninterruptible Power Systems Product line

  • SMA - Power Plant Controller

    The Power Plant Controller offers intelligent and flexible solutions for farm control of centralized and decentralized megawatt PV power plants.

    By SMA Solar Technology AG based in Niestetal, GERMANY. from Industrial Systems - PV Power Plants Product line

  • IDS - Model ACOS 730 - Compact and Adaptable for Small Telecontrol System

    With ACOS 730, IDS GmbH has introduced a product that is flexible and suitable for small telecontrol applications.  The new ACOS 730 RTU is not only the latest member of the ACOS 7 product family but also one of the most compact RTUs currently available on the market.

    By IDS GmbH based in Ettlingen, GERMANY. from Automation and Telecontrol Equipment from IDS Product line

  • Model BBJ - Electrode Boilers

    Vapor Power’s Electrode boiler creates operating advantages from its unique design which results in a high efficiency, high quality steam boiler. Using electricity as a clean, efficient and easily controlled fuel, all the energy input to the boiler is converted to steam with 99% efficiency. Vapor Power’s electrode generator output is ...

    By Vapor Power International based in Franklin Park, ILLINOIS (USA). from Electric Boilers Product line

  • Micro Hydropower plant electronic load controller (ELC)

    Electronic load controller for micro and pico hydro power plant,.it governs the frequency or the rpm of water turbine

    By Dhavamani Technologies based in INDIA.

  • Hydropower Plant

    Extra head, provided by Obermeyer gates, results in increased power production by maintaining maximum allowable pond elevations at all times. Although head can be increased temporarily by use of flashboards, our gates offer many advantages: The 1 to 3 foot margins typically required to cause failure of flashboards cause unnecessary upstream ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Pneumatically Actuated Gates Product line

  • Mercury Control

    The regulation and control of mercury emissions, along with mercury monitoring, are new to the power generation industry. However, B&W PGG has been actively involved in research and development, demonstration programs and implementation of mercury control systems since the early 1990s.

    By Babcock & Wilcox based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Environmental Equipment Product line

  • Model SI Series - Turnkey PV Inverter

    Jema Energy presents a fully Turnkey Solution adapted to large Solar Installations with a vast range of power ratings, from 500kW to 2.8MW. The SI Box allows the optimization of the PV field design with a direct connection to the Medium Voltage Grid. The IF series Central Inverters provides important grid quality features thatt maximize the Energy ...

    By Jema Energy S.A based in Lasarte-Oria, SPAIN. from Renewable Energy Systems Product line

  • Model SM2-PC - GSM Module

    Expansion modules add extra functions to basic Solar Monitor unit. They clik on to the DIN rail next to Solar Monitor or other expansion module. A bus in DIN rail connects them easily without any wiring.

    By Solar Monitor Ltd based in Turnov, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Extension Modules Product line

  • Model EPG30K - Grid-connected PV inverter

    30KW Transformer Power Plant, Advanced IGBT modules, high reliability, Efficient MPPT Control ( efficiency>99%), real-time tracking the maximum output power of photovoltaic cells, Technology of digital DSP control, pure sine wave output, automatic synchronization grid, little harmony wave, no pollution to the grid, dvanced anti-island ...

    By Weihai Eastern Power Co., Ltd. based in Weihai, CHINA.

  • Model EPG500k - Grid-Connected PV Inverter

    500KW Transformerless Power Plant, Advanced IGBT modules, high reliability, Control System of DSP+CLPD, high accuracy and more reliable, Wide temperature range, low temperature rise, long service life, MPPT efficiency>99.9%, Advanced prevent island technic, Touch screen display, multi-language setting, multi-communication interface, friendly ...

    By Weihai Eastern Power Co., Ltd. based in Weihai, CHINA.

  • Skycontrol - Power Plant Controller

    skycontrol is an integrated system for PV power plant control and grid stability management. It meets grid operators' requirements for utility-scale PV installations to ensure controlled grid injection, both at the medium and high voltage level, and can be flexibly adjusted to comply with different regional and international grid codes.

    By Skytron energy GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Photovoltaic Power Plant Controller Product line

  • Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC)

    In addition to the steam turbine generator turbo set, the portfolio includes comprehensive range of components. This can include steam generators, condensing systems to preheaters, and cooling systems as well as the electrical equipment, plant control systems, and instrumentation.

    By Siemens Energy, Inc. based in Erlangen, GERMANY.

  • Power Station Fans

    The fans of TLT-Turbo GmbH being used in thermal power plants especially with coal combustion are able to deliver volume flows of more than 1000 m³/s. A pressure increase of 20,000 Pa has become more common.

    By TLT-Turbo GmbH based in Zweibr├╝cken, GERMANY.

  • Small Hydropower

    In order to realize the full potential of small hydropower plants, the whole value chain from water to wire has to work efficiently. This requires a high degree of coordination. Siemens is the only integrated energy company that serves the entire energy conversion chain with products, solutions, and services. We are globally renowned for our ...

    By Siemens Energy, Inc. based in Erlangen, GERMANY.

  • WKV - Switchboards & Complete Electrical Systems

    WKV designs and manufactures the complete set of switchboards and controls in-house, and thus provides a single-point overall responsibility. Each unit is individually adapted to the client’s standards and local regulations.

    By Wasserkraft Volk AG based in Gutach, GERMANY. from Turbines and Power Plants Product line

  • SkyTrakker - Local Electronics System

    SkyTrakker provides the local electronics that control and direct a trough’s movement by determining the optimal position for the collector based on calculating the sun’s position. The SkyTrakker represents a step-change in features, reliability and life-cycle costs of control units for parabolic trough power plants. SkyTrakker is a ...

    By SkyFuel, Inc based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Electrical Power Engineering-Production

    Electric equipment manufactured by ZRE Gdansk is characterized by low failure rate, high quality and high reliability. The Company supplies serial products of its own production, distributes DEHN products and manufactures tailor-made products. ZRE Gdansk is an official distributor of renowned European company DEHN+SÖHNE safety equipment for ...

    By ZRE Gdansk S.A. based in Gdansk, POLAND.

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