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Power Supply equipment for Energy Management

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    Singer Valve - Model RPS-L&H-ET - Surge Anticipator Panel (SAP)

    The SAP surge anticipator panel provides the interface between a customer supplied, system pressure switch and the Singer surge anticipating control valve. Together they provide protection against destructive pressure surges. The SAP panel energizes the control valve pilot solenoid on an abnormally low pressure reading and/or power failure to ...

    By Singer Valve Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Surge Anticipator Panel (SAP) Product line

  • Encapsulated - Standby Indoor Power Unit

    The generating sets currently available are listed below. The standard versions range from 9 to 40 kVA.  In addition, we also supply a sound-attenuating capsule which meets your requirements. We use only engines, generators and components of proven reliability from noted manufacturers.

    By Kirsch GmbH based in Trier, GERMANY. from Standby Indoor Power Unit Product line

  • encapsulated - Standby Outdoor Power Units

    The generating sets currently available are listed below. The standard versions range from 9 to 40 kVA. In addition, we also supply a sound-attenuating capsule which meets your requirements. We use only engines, generators and components of proven reliability from noted manufacturers.

    By Kirsch GmbH based in Trier, GERMANY. from Standby Outdoor Power Units Product line

  • Power Supply Unit

    Eingangsspannung Input voltage 110-230 V, output voltage 15 V or Input voltage 220-400 V, output voltage 15 V

    By Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH based in Geesthacht, GERMANY. from Power Supply Unit Product line

  • HEYConnect - Terminal Bushings

    Small, snap-in nylon receptacles for low cost, insulated, quick connection or disconnection of your wires, through panels, housings or detachable shrouds. Typical uses are data processing and vending machines, motors, power supplies, and controls. Non-polarized HEYConnects feature 1/4' (6,4 mm) internal brass male terminals, to mate with standard ...

    By Heyco based in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Terminal Bushings Product line

  • Infinite - Model ADU-700 - Profisens IoT - The Private IoT solution

    AERINOS® ProfiSens is a local area wireless IOT platform. It comprises wireless sensor nodes and a 3G Data Concentrator/ Gateway. Using ProfiSens, you can deploy anywhere your own IOT network. The battery powered, wireless End nodes, offer reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of measurement and monitoring ...

    By Infinite Informatics Ltd based in Thessaloniki, GREECE.

  • KMR iiwa - LBR Iiwa Robot

    The autonomous LBR iiwa robot is HRC-capable and mobile. It combines the strengths of the sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot with those of a mobile, autonomous platform. The KMR iiwa is location-independent and highly flexible – the perfect basis for meeting the requirements of Industrie 4.0.

    By KUKA Systems GmbH based in Augsburg, GERMANY. from LBR Iiwa Robot Product line

  • Model S10 MINI - House Power Plant

    The solar battery S10 MINI takes on the electricity supply in your house - and this in a compact design. Despite a small production facility can take care of himself and thus act autonomously. The S10 MINI aimed it primarily at owners of small roof areas - for bigger roof areas of the S10 E power storage is intended. It is through the own inverter ...

    By E3/DC GmbH based in Osnabrück, GERMANY.

  • Backup Systems

    ED-ENERGY also offers solutions in unstable networks for emergency power supply in case of power failure. The so-called backup systems are suitable for households and firms. Conventional and grid connected photovoltaic systems go at power failure for safety directly from the mains. With the help of our backup systems is an uninterrupted power ...

    By EDEG ED-Energy Germany GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Backup Systems Product line

  • SunWize - Power Ready Systems

    SunWize Power Ready Systems are complete, integrated power supplies designed for loads requiring reliable 12V DC (or optional 24V DC), up to 132Ah per day. Each system contains the components necessary for safe, reliable power generation without the expense of a utility connection. Systems available from 5W to 1kW. Custom configurations available. ...

    By Solarsaver (The Energy and Environmental Management Group) based in Sleaford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels

    Amordad Solar offers photovoltaic solar panels as a solution to housing and buildings already connected to an electric power company. It is a solution that facility whereby, on the basis of the Sun’s energy, it produces electricity which in turn reduces the electricity bill. Also, surplus energy excesses can be sold directly to electrical ...

    By Amordad Holdings S.L based in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • Northern Power Systems - Model NPS 60-23 - Wind Turbine

    Built on Proven NPS 100 Platform – Millions of Runtime Hours. Low Cost of Ownership. Tower Options: 23, 30 and 37m Hub Heights. Quieter – Lower RPM, Lower Tip Speed. Handles High Winds. Redundant Safety Features. Rotors Built to Last.

    By VG Energy based in Galston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 500 - Solar Kit

    The solar kit is the ideal power supplier for off‐grid areas. It includes all the components required for solar 230V, 50Hz supply.

    By AE Solar GmbH based in Königsbrunn, GERMANY. from Solar Kit Product line

  • Dyacon - Model RLP‑2W - 2W Low-Power Regulator

    Dyacon’s low-power regulator RLP‑2W is a 12 V output linear regulator for industrial and solar power systems. While solar powered instruments can be exposed to the full 19 V output of the solar panel, RLP‑2W provides stable 12 V output for sensitive electronics, regardless of the solar power input. Industrial automation systems may combine 12 VDC ...

    By Dyacon, Inc. based in Logan, UTAH (USA).

  • Autonomous Measuring Station

    Permits measuring in an area where no infrastructure (telephone wiring and power supply) is available. The unit is equipped with a solar panel to supply the measuring instruments with power. The integrated accumulator is designed for a station operation time of about 30 days without power production and full accu capacity. The data can be sent to ...

    By Gihmm GmbH based in Spillern, AUSTRIA. from Autonomous Measuring Station Product line

  • Chatron - Model Solar-Vent-Plus - Solar Panel

    Heating and ventilation of spaces; Due to the quality of the absorber material used in the manufacture of panels, more than 90% of the solar energy is absorbed and used to heat the air passing through the inside of the panel. Fully developed and manufactured by Chatron this hot air solar panel has unique advantages for certain types of ...

    By Chatron based in Vale de Cambra, PORTUGAL. from Solar Panel Product line

  • TRIO Autonomous GSM

    IP65 waterproof aluminium cast case. GSM or pager (Reflex network camera for the USA and Canada). 4-20 mA analog inputs with sensor power supply, digital inputs or meterings, digital dry contact inputs, digital output, connectors for RIO extension board, 4 channels. SMS messages to operators, Alarm to KERWIN master controller.

    By NAPAC based in FRANCE.

  • DC Power Supply for Single Crystal Puller

    The power supply is specially designed for single crystal puller, the controller is digital with powerful functions; LV apparatus are reliable with quality components; open-loop, constant current, constant voltage or constant power control can be selected through keypad; the power supply is protected from damage by alarm and auto shut-down at ...

    By Sichuan Injet Electric Co.,Ltd. based in Deyang, CHINA.

  • Model EUW 3 - 3 Phase Voltage Monitoring Relays System

    The EUW 3 supervises three-phase networks on under and overvoltage, in which both switching points can be independently adjusted by each other. Overranging has to be avoided. The supervision is separately carried out for every phase so that the actual asymmetry or even phase failure is recognized. In addition direction of rotation (phase sequence) ...

  • Flight & Engine Control Systems

    The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for flight control has long-time experience in the field of primary and secondary flight control. Among the CoE's tasks is the development of basic technologies as well as the processing of research and technology programs up to product development of flight control computers and systems for civil and military ...

    By Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG based in Nürnberg, GERMANY. from Flight & Engine Control Systems Product line

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