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  • Biomass Pellet Fuel Is A Renewable New Energy Wood Pellet Machine

    Biomass Pellet Fuel Is A Renewable New Energy Wood Pellet Machine

    With the requirement of environmental protection, the development of biomass energy has been promoted, so the biomass wood pellet machine is an indispensable device. Biomass pellets belong to biomass energy, but there are many people who do not know the requirements of biomass pellet machine pelletization. Knowing what is required for pelletization can produce high-quality biomass pellets, ...

  • Biomass gasification solution in Newry, Ireland

    ZeroPoint has provided a biomass gasification solution to Kedco plc, located in Newry, Ireland. Kedco plc focuses on the production of clean energy in the UK and Ireland. The combined heat and power ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Caliper Brake

    Caliper Brake

    The A400 is an arm style caliper brake designed to accept a large selection of Hilliard thrusters. These thrusters include spring applied hydraulic released, spring applied pneumatic released, hydraulic applied spring released, and pneumatic applied spring released. The 400 requires a minimum disc diameter of 24" and is offered in 2 sizes to accommodate a 1" and 1-1/2" thick disc. The design of ...

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  • New York Power Summit 2020

    New York Power Summit 2020

    This conference is an annual convention of leaders, engineers, regulators, and everyday stakeholders in the New York energy system. From renewables and the deployment of DERs to Governor Cuomo’s ambitious Green New Deal, Climate Mobilization Act, and general Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), this conference will be a comprehensive look at the big changes and updates in New York’s grid.Hear from ...