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  • What is a standby generator?

    General Generators:A Standby Generator is just one of many generator types available on the market today. Before going into detail on what exactly Makes a Standby Generator different than say another generator type- it first helps to understand what a Generator even is and why you would need one. Generators are also known in the industry as Gen Sets- and in very simple terms generators ar

  • Buying a Backup House Generator

    The optimal choice for homeowners dealing with an emergency power outage, regardless of how long it lasts, is to invest in a backup house generator. Whether the power goes out for a short or long ...


  • Edina launches new 'super efficient' 10MW MWM genset

    Edina launches new 'super efficient' 10MW MWM genset

    The new genset provides exceptionally high electrical efficiency of up to 48 percent and a total efficiency of up to 93 percent, achieving outputs of 9,830kWe to 10,300kWe.  "This innovative new MWM technology will provide higher cost savings ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • 1800 W Intelligent, Modular Power Supplies

    1800 W Intelligent, Modular Power Supplies

    Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX1800 series of high density, multiple-output modular power supplies is ideal for medical, life science, industrial, and harsh-environmental applications. The power supplies support series and parallel configurations for ultimate flexibility and simultaneous O/P DC power.