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SynGas equipment for Energy Management

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    ERG V-tex - Syngas & Biogas Cleaning

    Whether the requirement is for cleaning tars from biogases generated from a hot gasification process, or sulphurous compounds or VOCs from biofuels generated from an anerobic digestion process, V-tex can be the solution.

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Scrubbing Technology Product line

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    Syngas Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power

    Syngas, also known as synthesis gas, synthetic gas or producer gas, can be produced from a variety of different materials that contain carbon. These can include biomass (wood gas), plastics, coal, municipal waste or similar materials. Historically town gas was used to provide a gas supply to many residences in Europe and other industrialised ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Special Gases Product line

  • Biomass Gasification

    REGATECH Gasifier 250 kWe/hour.

    By Technopa GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • Mobile Containerised Pyrolysis Unit

    Equipment can be delivered in containerised modules that allow to present a quick and ready to use version of the Biogreen® process for thermochemical conversion. Unit can run in torrefaction, pyrolysis or high temperature pyrolysis mode to produce biochar, bio-oil and syngas from any kind of biomass waste from wood, crops or waste materials.

    By ETIA based in Compiegne, FRANCE.

  • FastOx - Gasification System

    The FastOx system uses heat, steam and oxygen to break down waste at the molecular level. Organic materials turn into an energy-dense syngas. Inorganics melt into a non-leaching stone. Waste undergoes complete conversion into high value products without burning. There are no toxic byproducts and no emissions.

    By Sierra Energy based in Davis, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Biogreen® - PYROSLUDGE - sludge high temperature pyrolysis

    Product is dedicated for sustainable management of sewage sludge. The principle of PYROSLUDGE is based combination of high-efficiency dryer and Biogreen® pyrolysis unit. The system process wet sludge (15-20% DM) from mechanical dehydration system (centrifuge or filter press). Sewage sludge is dried in process exclusively designed for highly humid ...

    By ETIA based in Compiegne, FRANCE.

  • Aqua - Model AIRE - Venturi Blender

    Combines the AQUA-GAS™ Vertical Waterbath and a MOD-JET™ Venturi Blender.  The system is identical to the AQUA-MOD-JET™ with increased output pressure through the use of either a blower or a compressor.  The AQUA-MOD-AIRE™ utilizes either a blower (up to 18PSIG) or a compressor (up to 30 PSIG) to increase the ...

    By Aether DBS, LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Packaged System- Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Systems Product line

  • Gasboard - Model 3110P - Portable Syngas Analyzer

    Gasboard-3110P is a portable type analyzer that can be used for online measurement for natural gas composition and heating value in real time. Special developed CH4 sensor can give accurate CH4 reading without cross-sensitivity to other hydrocarbon content. Unique CnHm sensor calibrated with C3H8 can detect the hydrocarbon besides CH4 and show the ...

    By Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA. from Syngas Analyzer Product line

  • ETG - Portable Syngas Pre-Treatment Unit

    In gas analysis it’s mandatory to have a a clean gas to feed the analyzer so the system flow firstly remove the majority of tar and dust through washing device , then by two degree precision filter, the gas chiller provide to remove the moisture and dust, as to obtain a kind of clean dry air. Finally, the sample gas through the protection ...

    By ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l. based in Montiglio, ITALY. from Biogas - Syngas Analyzer Product line

  • Cubic-Ruiyi - Model Gasboard 3100 - Online Infrared Syngas Analyzer

    InstroductionGasboard—3100 infrared syngas analyzer Based on the NDIR and Thermal Conductivity Detector and can be used for measurement of the concentration of up to 6 gases such as CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm, H2 and O2, also calculated heating value (caloric value) automatically.ApplicationsCoal or biomass gasification, coal chemical process, heating ...

    By Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • Model TNGG - Generator Sets

    Generator sets based on gas engines are equipments for the power generation. TEDOM generator sets can make use of a wide spectrum of gaseous fuels - natural gas, biogas, LPG, mine gases, oil well-head gases, syngas or pyrolysis gases. The tables below show the overview of electrical power outputs of standard TEDOM generator sets ...

    By TEDOM a.s. based in Výčapy, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Optima - Model 7 - Biogas Handheld Unit

    Multigas analyzer, designed for Biogas-measurements as well as engine fluegas. With unique multipurpose probe*: simultaneous gas sampling and flow Monitoring possible.Compatible with new MRU App 'MRU4u'.

    By MRU Messgeräte für Rauchgase und Umweltschutz GmbH based in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim, GERMANY. from Biogas-/ Syngas Analysis Product line

  • Gulf Gases - Model HydroGen - Generation Plants for Syngas & H2

    Gulf Gases will work with you and your team to configure the optimal onsite Hydrogen Generation Solution at the lowest possible cost available in the industry. Our patented HydroGEN plants are industrial strength, proven work-horses that deliver reliable H2 generation, day-after-day. With our team's experience of completing nearly 100 H2 systems, ...

    By Gulf Process Gases, LLC based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • WoodRoll - Model 6 MW - Plant

    The standard size WoodRoll is set to 6 MW syngas capacity. For CHP applications that translates into 2.4 MW of power and >3 MW of heat, if the syngas is upgraded to SNG it results in 4.8 MW SNG alternatively 5.4 MW of renewable hydrogen can be generated from the 6 MW WoodRoll plant. On request WoodRoll can be offered in other sizes.

    By Cortus Energy based in Kista, SWEDEN.

  • Cubic-Ruiyi - Model Gasboard-9021AB - Syngas Continuously Monitoring System

    Introduction: The Syngas Continuously Monitoring System is available for biomass and coal gasification processes. It can be used for online monitoring of the concentration of up to 6 gases, such as CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm, H2 and O2, and displaying calculated N2 and heating value (caloric value) automatically. It is the best tooling to help you: To ...

    By Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • Gasification / Pyrolysis

    Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as chicken litter, rice hulls, saw dust etc. into syngas which can be used to power gensets to generate electricity or fuel boilers to provide steam for production processes.

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Gasification Product line

  • Synthesis Gas Reforming

    Syngas can be utilized to synthesize liquid hydrocarbons including; distillate fuels (such as diesel fuel and kerosene), alcohols (such as methanol and ethanol) and fertilizers (such as ammonia). Production of highly valuable fuels and alcohols from renewable resources on a distributed scale will create a paradigm shift in current energy markets. ...

    By ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. based in Potsdam, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Waste2Tricity - Proven Technology

    Waste2Tricity advances EfW deployment projects that use the proven high temperature gasification process to generate syngas (synthesis or energy gas) to power efficient and proven internal combustion engines (ICE) or gas turbines (GT) to generate electrical power.

    By Waste2Tricity based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Meva - Biomass Gasification System

    Meva’s technology is a biomass gasification system of entrained flow gasifier type. The gasification reactions take place in a dense cloud of biomass particles that is blown into the preheated gasification reactor where it forms a vortex (whirl) spinning down the reactor and allowing the particles to be gasified to syngas. Meanwhile the ...

    By Meva Energy AB based in Hisings Backa, SWEDEN.

  • HoSt - Fluidized Bed Gasifiers

    HoSt acts as a turnkey supplier of (air blown) fluidized bed gasifier plants. By means of gasification biomass fuels can be converted to a combustible syngas, which can be cleaned and used in several kinds of power generation equipment. Gasification is a feasible technology for thermal conversion of waste, meeting the strict emission limits.

    By HoSt based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS. from Gasification Product line

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