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Thermal Energy Storage equipment for Energy Management

  • FITZER - Model TES-CW/108 - Thermal Energy Storage system (TES)

    Thermal Energy Storage Systems (both Ice and Water based) with special focus on Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage System, This system utilizes only the sensible heat of water for cooling energy storage in a chilled water storage tank and discharges the stored coldness for air-conditioning during the on-peak time.The key technology of CWStorage ...


  • R.E.M. - Screenings Handling and Conditioning Systems

    Screenings handling and conditioning systems.Systems for screenings washing, conveying and compacting.The screenings treatment allows to reduce the disposal costs of the screenings themselves, when performed in the proper way. Specifically, the systems for screenings handling allow to achieve, in different ways and with different grades, the ...

    By R.E.M. srl based in Cavriago, ITALY.

  • Sigma - Solar House

    The Sigma solar house provides heating - cooling without fossil sources. A very friendly enviromental solution. Passive Solar Heating is the most cost effective means of providing heat to buildings. In general terms, the amount of solar energy that falls on the roof of a house is more than the total energy consumed within the house.

    By Sigma Energy based in Volos, GREECE. from Other Product line

  • Model POWERVOLT 200 - Electrically Biased Module

    An electrically biased module providing increased electrical output and low grade thermal energy. Ideal for low temp systems, energy storage and heat pumps.

    By Minimise Group based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank

    Thermal Energy Storage Tanks (AWWA-D100) including the conceptual design of Diffusers

    By IZZ Oman Engineering LLC based in Muscat, OMAN.

  • Stellar - Turbine Inlet Air Chilling System with Thermal Energy Storage (TIAC + TES)

    TIAC systems can incorporate thermal energy storage (TES).  Thermal energy storage allows power producers to shift the power required to run the turbine inlet air chilling system to off-peak times when power is in less demand and the value of the power sold from the power plant is at the lowest value. This increases the power available for ...

    By Stellar Energy based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from TIAC Systems Product line

  • Clean, Low-cost, Undegradable Storage Unit

    bGen  is a patented thermal energy storage unit based on crushed rocks which combines three elements: (1) Heat exchanger, (2) thermal storage and (3) steam generator. bGen is a very cost-effective solution for 3+ hours of storage. The unit’s low cost, little maintenance, no augmentation for 30 years drives the levelized cost of energy ...

    By Brenmiller Energy Ltd. based in Rosh Ha`ayin, ISRAEL.

  • Off Grid Power Technology

    Remote areas such as islands and off-grid mining sites with substantial renewable energy production will inevitably face occasional peaks of renewable power that cannot be directly consumed or traded. This excess energy must therefore either be stored or curtailed. EnergyNest offers a highly valuable storage solution when a local demand for ...

    By EnergyNest AS based in Billingstad, NORWAY.

  • Heat Storage

    Synchronization of heat availability (e.g. waste or solar heat) and thermal processing production needs, is usually an uneasy puzzle to solve. Low cost & high efficiency heat storage in most such cases, remains the key in order to utilize large quantities of available -otherwise wasted- heat in a (pre)production process. PCM (Phase Change ...

    By Energineering Solutions based in Marathon, GREECE.

  • AET - Natural Gas Backup Power System

    A quiet, environmentally clean, robust, Natural Gas fueled Stand-by and Co-generation set for your small business or home application (can pay for itself in approximately 8 years). Based on a rugged Kubota DF1005 spark-ignited Natural Gas engine and industry-leading Stamford alternator, the co-generation set is designed to provide 15 years (24,000 ...

    By Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET) based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Generator Sets Product line

  • Model S-Series - Energy Tanks

    Thermal energy storage comprises a number of technologies that reserve thermal energy in tanks for later use. They can be employed to balance energy demand between day-time and night-time. The thermal storage tank may be maintained at a temperature above (hotter) or below (colder) that of the ambient environment.

    By SolarUS Inc. based in Guilford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Araner - Cool Salt Storage Tanks

    Cool Salt Storage applications use a mixture of inorganic salts, water and nucleating and stabilizing agents, which melts and freezes around 8.3°. Salt Storage Tanks can use conventional chillers and water temperature and have high cooling capacity per cubic foot.

    By Araner based in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Thermal Energy Storage Tank Product line

  • Euro-Green - Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

    Energy storage enables you to manage when and how your energy is used. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have emerged as a promising, versatile technology that can provide solutions to many electric-grid challenges. Without the ability to store large amounts of energy, conventional power systems have been reliant on matching supply and demand in ...

    By Euro Green Energy (ECE) based in Timișoara, ROMANIA. from Energy Infrastructure Product line

  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems

    The success of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is based on the ability to store accumulated heat – thermal energy. This is where Azelio’s system excels. But in order to concentrate the solar energy into the thermal storage, the actual capturing needs to be optimized for the system as a whole.

    By Azelio AB based in Göteborg, SWEDEN.

  • Thermal Energy Storage Tank (TES)

    In line with Preload’s tradition of designing and building sustainable and maintenance-free prestressed concrete tanks, Preload thermal energy storage (TES) tanks serve as vital components in highly efficient, long-lasting centralized cooling systems.

    By Preload LLC based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Thermal Energy Storage Product line

  • BrightSource - Solar Thermal Energy System

    BrightSource Energy’s proprietary solar thermal energy system is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive clean energy when needed most.BrightSource’s solar thermal energy systems generate power the same way as traditional power plants – by creating high temperature steam to turn a turbine. However, ...

    By BrightSource Energy, Inc. based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SolarReserve - Molten Salt Energy Storage Unit

    As renewable energy penetration grows, the need for utility-scale renewable generation with storage technology is increasingly important to mitigate intermittency problems, deliver power into peak demand periods, and support transmission system reliability.

    By SolarReserve, LLC. based in Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • IceBank - Model A - Energy Storage Tank

    The IceBank A model tanks are the first series of energy storage tanks introduced by CALMAC starting in 1979. These classic tanks are bullet proof reliable. The main distinctions are that A models have two inch flanges and unlike the C Models, each A model tank needs to be connected individually to distribution piping.

    By Calmac based in Fair Lawn, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Araner - Industrial Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps are able to move thermal energy the opposite direction of spontaneous heat flow, providing cold and heat loads depending on the needs. Heating Pumps are more efficient than other technologies thanks to their minimum power consumption: they are considered renewable energy always that the performance reaches a minimum value.

    By Araner based in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Other Products Product line

  • Source Energy Wall

    @Source-Energy Wall Heat Recovery Photovoltaic panels generate considerable heat behind the cells, which reduces the efficiency of the cells and is absorbed by the building materials. The @Source-Energy Wall system extracts the heat energy and returns it to heat residential, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings.

    By Renewable Resource recovery Corp. based in Sudbury, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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