Tube Heat Exchangers

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Hexagon Steel Tubing

    Hexagon Steel Tubing

    Product descriptionHexagon steel tube is the general name of all section shape of steel tube except circular tube. There are welded shaped tubes and seamless shaped tubes. Due to different types of materials, hexagon steel tube generally use 304 material, because 200, 201 material strong in hardness making forming difficulty. Know more from this page: ...

  • Concentric Reducer

    Concentric Reducer

    Product descriptionWe are concentric reducer supplier, manufactures, and exporters, a type of pipe reducer that fastens pipe sections on the same axis and is conical in shape. The usual forming ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tube Falling Film Evaporator

    Tube Falling Film Evaporator

    Tube falling film evaporators are used in many standard applications and smaller evaporation capacities than plate falling film evaporators. Especially the droplet separation and the cleaning of the apparatus play an essential role. We bring in our years of experience and specialized knowledge of the most individual challenges in the design and manufacture of this type of evaporator.