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gas turbine inlet (Turbine Inlet) equipment

  • Turbomaster - Model EPA - Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters

    Eagle Filters' TurboMaster EPA is a new era in static filtration replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters to absolute cleanliness securing static filtration system without changing any construction of the air intake housing.

    By Eagle Filters Ltd. based in Kotka, FINLAND. from Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters Product line

  • Braden - Inlet Cooling / Heating System

    Braden is widely acclaimed by GT OEMs as the world leaders in gas turbine inlet cooling and heating technologies. Braden engineers have extensive experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry provide innovative GT inlet cooling and heating solutions based on specific environmental and end user needs.

    By Braden Manufacturing LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Power Generation

    Airguard offers a robust portfolio of filters suitable for a wide range of gas turbine installations. Airguard filters help protect the turbine from pollutants in the inlet air and prolong the life of the turbine. Airguard filters also prevent degradation of the turbine to maintain performance and prevent unnecessary maintenance related to ...

    By CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (CLC Air) based in Jeffersonville, INDIANA (USA).

  • MeeFog - Gas Turbine Power Augmentation System

    At the heart of a MeeFog Inlet Air Fogging System is the highly engineered and precise MeeFog™ nozzle, which atomizes water into billions of microfine droplets below 10 microns in size. Droplet size is the single most important factor governing fog system performance. There’s a reason that Mee is the inlet fogging industry leader. Mee ...

    By Mee Industries Inc based in Irwindale, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Turbine Power Augmentation System Product line

  • CES - Reheaters

    The Clean Energy Systems reheater, developed with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, dramatically improves the efficiency of combined steam and gas turbine power cycles by boosting the drive gas to turbine inlet temperatures typically associated with gas turbines and even beyond. The principles behind the reheater are essentially the ...

    By Clean Energy Systems, Inc. (CES) based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reheaters Product line

  • Droplet Erosion

    Gas turbines are generally considered the most cost effective and relatively environment-friendly large scale power generation technology, but their capacity as well as their thermal efficiency degrades under high ambient temperature conditions. Fogging Systems provide the most cost effective technique to recover this lost gas turbine capacity ...

    By Flame Spray SpA based in Roncello (MB), ITALY. from Droplet Erosion Product line

  • CFS (Composite Filter System) Cartridge for Gas Turbine

    Midwesco Filter Resources/TDC Filter's CFS (Composite Filter System) cartridge for gas turbine applications is a static filter that combines a pre-filter barrier and a cartridge filter. The pre-filter can be changed several times before the main filter will need to be changed, reducing costs over time. This filter is commonly used in LM6000 and ...

    By National Filter Media (NFM) based in Winchester, VIRGINIA (USA). from CFS (Composite Filter System) Cartridge for Gas Turbine Product line

  • Stellar - Turbine Inlet Air Chilling System (TIAC)

    The purpose of Turbine Inlet Air Chilling is to restore the power output of a combustion turbine at elevated ambient temperatures to its rated capacity or better. TIAC is especially compelling in warm climates where a turbine’s output can decrease at the same time more power is needed for comfort cooling/air conditioning. Stellar ...

    By Stellar Energy based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Turbine Inlet Air Chilling System (TIAC) Product line

  • MHPS - Model J-Series - Gas Turbines

    With the highly efficient, advanced J-Series gas turbines, MHPS raised the bar for combined cycle performance. The J-Series gas turbine was the first commercially available gas turbine capable of sustained operation at turbine inlet temperatures of 1600°C. The design is based on the proven G-Series gas turbines, with enhancements to the ...

    By Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) based in Lake Mary, FLORIDA (USA). from Gas Turbines Product line

  • Internal Air Intake Fogging System

    The internal fogging is designed in order to obtain the best results in terms of increasing the power of the gas turbines in the base-load conditions. The system obtains instantaneously greater power generation also during energy peak periods. All the materials and the equipment are made out of AISI 316 and are equipped with the necessary safety ...

    By EcoSpray Technologies S.r.l. based in VOGHERA (PV), ITALY. from Internal Air Intake Fogging System Product line

  • Model LM6000 - Sprint Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

    Unlike most gas turbines, the LM6000 is primarily controlled by the compressor discharge temperature in lieu of the turbine inlet temperature. Some of the compressor discharge air is then used to cool high-pressure turbine components. Sprint — which stands for 'Spray Inter-cooled Turbine' — reduces compressor discharge temperature, ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Sprint Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Product line

  • Aradrop - Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC)

    Carefully designed by ARANER, located inside the turbine filter house after the air cooling heat exchanger… The Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) process could produce condensate water under certain ambient conditions and this condensate water is collected by gravity just after the air cooling heat exchanger, since air speed is not so high ...

    By Araner based in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) Product line

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

    Clyde Bergemann gas turbine exhaust systems and components provide a “Balance of Plant” Island solution (exclusive of the turbine and HRSG-boiler). Trusted Bachmann equipment is the critical link between the gas turbine exhaust flange on the one side and the HRSG inlet connection on the other side. Our exhaust systems provide all media ...

    By Clyde Bergemann Power Group based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems Product line

  • Allied - Combustion Gas Turbine Exhaust System

    A computational domain for the gas turbine exhaust system is shown in Figure 1 below at different viewing angles. The blue region is the inlet where the exhaust gas from the gas turbine enters the diffuser duct. The diameter at the inlet is 4.877 m (16'). The inlet is then connected with a diffuser duct that gradually transforms the circular duct ...

    By Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc. based in Seal Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Clyde - Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

    Clyde Bergemann gas turbine exhaust systems and components provide a “Balance of Plant” Island solution (exclusive of the turbine and HRSG-boiler). Trusted Bachmann® equipment is the critical link between the gas turbine exhaust flange on the one side and the HRSG inlet connection on the other side. Our exhaust systems provide all ...

  • Model CX501-KB7 (5.3 MW) - Gas Turbine-Powered Electrical Generator Sets

    The CX501-KB7 package builds on the reliable KB5 with the addition of a zero stage to the compressor inlet of the Siemens turbine. This increases mass flow and pressure ratio, thus increasing performance and efficiency and boosting power output to over 5MW.

    By Centrax Ltd based in Newton Abbot, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Gas Turbine Anti-Icing Systems

    The Innova anti-icing system prevents frost and ice formation on inlet components to protect the gas turbine, and prevent pressure drop buildup. Icing can damage blades, filter elements and other vital parts even in temperatures above freezing—ice crystals form at less than 40⁰F and greater than 50% relative humidity.

    By Innova Global Limited. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Gas Turbine Anti-Icing Systems Product line

  • Peerless-Aarding - Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducts

    Exhaust ducts are predominantly applied as a transition between diffuser and diverter systems, or between the diverter system and HRSG (inlet ducts). Our Peerless-Aarding brand Gas Turbine Exhaust Duct is engineered using the latest cold casing design, adapted to your operational conditions. With premium materials and decades of experience, we ...

    By Aarding Thermal Acoustics based in Nunspeet, NETHERLANDS. from Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducts Product line

  • Model 8654 Series - Quick Shutoff Valve

    The 8654E100 Series Quick Shut-Off Valve is a high speed, solenoid operated shutoff valve and is designed for use on combustion or gas turbine engines. There is a single main stage inlet port, an outlet port, and pilot stage plus a vent port. The valve can be used to rapidly shut off flow and isolate the source from the turbine engine. The valve ...

    By Young & Franklin Inc based in Liverpool, NEW YORK (USA). from Quick Shutoff Valve Product line

  • Control Rings

    Zak Incorporated takes pride in their 75-plus year history in the contract machining business, providing high quality manufacturing of a wide variety of components for many different industries. Zak has established itself as the primary supplier to a client in the power generation industry, providing complete sets of stainless steel control rings. ...

    By Zak Incorporated based in Green Island, NEW YORK (USA).

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