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  • Case Study - 6MW Non-Condensing Power Plant

    Case Study - 6MW Non-Condensing Power Plant

    Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2003 First Geothermal Power Station in PNG: Press Release, April 16, 2003Lihir Gold Limited “Gold company Lihir Gold Limited is turning its vast geothermal resource into an opportunity. In April, the company started commissioning a 6MW geothermal power station, the first in Papua New Guinea to use natural geothermal energy


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  • Titanium Heat Exchanger Units

    Titanium Heat Exchanger Units

    Historically, lube and transformer oil coolers have all been manufactured with aluminium brass or 90/10 copper-nickel (also known as Cupronickel) roller expanded into brass tube plates. Tube failures were and still are commonplace, especially after a few years of service. These failures could end-up polluting the river or estuary that is supplying the cooling water. The Deepwater Horizon Oil ...