Ash Analyses

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Charcoal Briquettes in Malaysia at the End of 20th Century

    Malaysia has rich agro-biomass resources as well as booming agriculture industry, which makes its biomass industry develop very fast. These organic materials can be used to make solid biofuel such as pellets and briquettes, liquid biofuel such as diesel and ethanol and value-added eco-products such as pulp and paper. The first


Equipment & Solutions

  • Moisture, Solids & Ash Analyzer

    Moisture, Solids & Ash Analyzer

    The Computrac MAX 5000XL moisture, solids and ash analyzer can provide accurate readings for both moisture and ash from a single sample, offering many of the same features of thermogravimetric analyzers at a fraction of the cost.  With a maximum temperature of 600°C and a maximum sample size of 100 grams, the MAX 5000XL has the versatility to a wide range of material testing tasks.