Biogas Monitoring

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  • COD and FOS/TAC ratio in biogas applications

    Biogas ProductionAs the price of crude oil fluctuates, humans are forced to consider the fact that there is a finite amount of oil on the planet available for our use. Biogas is a secondary energy source derived from renewable resources, which is converted into “end-point energy.”  Biogas is a result of anaerobic bacterial degradation of organic matter. Not only does biog


  • J├╝hnde, Bioenergy village

    Jühnde is the first bioenergy village in Germany and even worldwide. Heat and power demand is produced by a renewable energy biogas plant as well with photovoltaik technology.It was founded in 2005 and attracted the attention of the world with ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Oil-Injected Screw Compressor for Bio- and Processgas

    Oil-Injected Screw Compressor for Bio- and Processgas

    AERZEN screw compressor packages are characterised by a great variety of types and a lot of modification possibilities. Whether these compressors serve as part of the customer`s plant concept or they are applied as complete system solution, AERZEN always adapts to individual customer requirements. Forming the basis for this is the development competence of this world market leader, as AERZEN has ...