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  • Portable Biogas Analyser
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    Portable Biogas Analyser

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

    Easy to use, calibrate and configure, the BIOGAS 5000 enables you to collect consistent data for improved analysis and accurate reporting, whilst helping to check the digester process is running efficiently.

  • Fixed Biogas Analyser
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    Fixed Biogas Analyser

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

    Easy to self-install, operate and maintain, the BIOGAS 300 is a cost effective fixed system biogas analyser for CH4 monitoring. Ideal for 500kw or reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food ...

  • Soil/Compost Biomethane Potential Analyzer
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    Soil/Compost Biomethane Potential Analyzer

    By Challenge Technology

    The BPA-800S Soil/Compost Biomethane Potential Analyzer monitors the production of biogas in bench scale reactors for precision optimizing of gas production for evaluation of environmental and chemical adjustments.

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  • Electrigaz Technologies Inc.

    Electrigaz Technologies Inc.

    Electrigaz is a dynamic biogas engineering firm specialized exclusively in the design, planning and realization of biogas solutions for farms, ...

  • Qualvista Ltd.

    Qualvista Ltd.

    Qualvista is a manufacturer of advanced continuous biogas monitoring and analysis systems which includes patented continuous siloxane monitoring from ...

  • DWS bvba

    DWS bvba

    If you have biogas, DWS is your partner. We design, manufacture, start up and commission the following equipment. Elevated, shielded, closed and ...