Biogas Siloxane Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Yorkshire Water continue Siloxane Monitoring trials

    Yorkshire Water continue Siloxane Monitoring trials

    STS and Yorkshire Water have been working on monitoring siloxanes at two of their waste water treatment sites. Yorkshire Water wanted to gain a better understanding of the level of siloxane contamination in the biogas derived from Sewage AD and how the contaminant may vary over time. STS installed their Pre-Packaged monitoring kiosk for 2, 6 week trials with data being collected through a web ...


  • Brasilian Distributor Appointed

    Brasilian Distributor Appointed

    STS have signed a new distribution agreement with Gaiatec Sistemas based in Sau Paulo Brasil (, Marcelo Diaz , signed the agreement on behalf of GS following discussions with Jim Ward Director at STS Instruments UK. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Semi-Portable Siloxane Monitor

    Semi-Portable Siloxane Monitor

    The STS Semi-Portable monitor is a variant on the fully installed GRP package.  The monitor itself is identical to the fixed monitor but it is housed in a more portable wheeled pelicase enclosure. This package lends itself to be moved between sites where shorter term monitoring can be carried out to establish the status of carbon filters. This means that users who may have smaller filters ...