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  • Flow Energy Management: 3 Killer Apps to Lower Energy Costs

    More and more, buzz words like “flow energy” or “flow energy management” have become prevalent as companies grapple to control costs, reduce energy use, and comply with government regulations—all while trying to increase profitability. But what are flow energy and flow energy management? Why should you care?In this three-part series, we will:Explore what flow


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  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter

    Ultrasonic Heat Meter

    The ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter for HVAC and building services is an all-in-one in-line compact ultrasonic heat meter (also known as a heat integrator, BTU meter or energy meter) that is used to measure in kw/hr the energy used to heat water. It is an robust and accurate solution for flow rates up to 60 m3/hr. ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meters are available for heated or chilled water and as threaded or ...