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  • White SMD LED

    SMD, or  "Surface Mounted Device" LEDs, are the most common LEDs in the market. The LED chip is permanently fused to a printed circuit board, and it's highly popular due to its versatility. You can find it in light bulbs and string lights, and even in the notification light on your mobile phone.Overview of White SMD LEDHow is white light produced by SMD LEDs? SMD LEDs do n


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  • Light PID Box

    Light PID Box

    The PIDbox Light is a standard solution for PID. This device can be considered as a successor or a similar replacement of the SMA Offset Box technology. The PIDbox Light can, like any other PID solution in parallel, only be installed on (a limited number) of inverters approved by the manufacturer. Only for these inverters, warranty is not void. Consequently the PIDbox Light has a slightly ...