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  • Contamination Monitoring of RSRM Bonding Surfaces using OSEE

    BIOGRAPHY Robert A. Mattes is presently investigator for Contamination Detection for Space Operations at Morton Thiokol, Inc., Brigham City, Utah. Mr. Mattes has been involved in instrumentation applications over the past nineteen years. He was involved in Spectrophotometric Analysis for Biological Research (1970 to 1972) at the University of California. He later received his B. S. degree in


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  • Advanced Brake Control System

    Advanced Brake Control System

    The H3 Power Unit is Hilliard`s most advanced brake control system. With a PID Loop Control, the BBH3 Power Unit is capable of monitoring speed. The Hilliard BBH2 Power Unit incorporates an engineered hydraulic circuit to control the brake torque during a typical stop. Large capacity hydraulic accumulators provide additional volume for precise control of brake pressure. Equipped with manual ...