Flashpoint Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Taking matters into hand - Case Study

    Biofuels must be up to scratch as contaminated or improperly blended fuel can damage a  company’s bottom line. To ensure product quality several options exist including laboratory analysis, field test kits and portable lab instruments.  Laboratory testing would be the ideal solution if everyone had the budget and the time to wait for the results.  But in a market where time ...


  • Introduction of 5 kinds of waste oil regeneration technology

    The sulfuric acid-white clay refining process is the first process to be used in the research of waste oil regeneration technology at home and abroad, in which a large amount of sulfuric acid and white clay are used to treat waste oil. The waste oil ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Metal Sealers

    Metal Sealers

    The ST-40 (40 kHz) and ST-30 (30 kHz) are plastic tube sealers that use ultrasonic energy to produce a hermetic seal at the open tube end after product fill. A variety of seal patterns are available with date coding easily accomplished at the time of closure. Plastic tubes are used in the medical, consumer, cosmetic, and food industries among others.