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  • Moisture measurement with M-Sens 2 - Case Study

    Application An energy provider burns biomass (waste wood), to produce electricity and heat. The biomass is delivered and stored in a self contained storage area. Following the separation process of removing (ferrous, non ferrous-metals), the remaining wood is conveyed to a fluidized-bed system, where it is burnt. The steam generated produces electricity via a turbine. During

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  • Unburned Carbon Online Measurement System

    Unburned Carbon Online Measurement System

    The amount of unburned carbon (UBC) in fly ash is a good marker of efficiency of coal blends combustion. The presence of unburned carbon is, in fact, a consequence of incomplete combustion which originates from the devolatilisation of the coal fed to the boiler. Thus, determination of the carbon content in the fly ash can provide useful information on the combustion process.