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Fuel Analysis equipment for Energy Monitoring

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    MCZ - Inspection Station and Test Bench for Fuel Cells

    Automatic test bench to check fuel cells with automatic recording of characteristic U/I line, characteristic gas stoichiometry line, dynamic load behavior, characteristic line with different cell temperatures, gas dampening states, and operating pressures.

    By Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY. from Specialized Systems Product line

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    Watchman - Oil Tank Alarm

    The Watchman Alarm oil tank alarm uses ultrasonic measurement to continually measure the oil tank level to help prevent fuel theft. A transmitter sets off an alarm when there is a sudden drop.

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Local Tank Level Monitoring Product line

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    Metrohm - Model 893 - Professional Biodiesel Rancimat

    The 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat determines the oxidation stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, or FAME for short) and biodiesel blends. In the Biodiesel Rancimat, increased temperature and a continuous stream of air through the sample accelerate its aging. The time that passes until oxidation takes place at a high rate – ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Stability Measurement Product line

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    FuelMaster - Model 1225-9000L - Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks

    The Kingspan FuelMaster range has been specifically designed for the secure storage, dispensing and protection of diesel fuel. This range gives our customers a quality cost-saving and compliant diesel storage solution backed by excellent customer service and a 10 year tank guarantee*

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from FuelMaster Diesel Storage & Dispensing Tanks Product line

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    InfraCal 2 - Model ATR-E - Ethanol In Gasoline Analyzer

    The InfraCal 2 Ethanol Blend Analyzer for measuring percent ethanol in gasoline is the ideal solution where a quick, accurate, on-site measurement is required and a single, repetitive ethanol blend analysis is needed.  The InfraCal 2 ATR-E is based on proven IR technology, and used by fuel terminal

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Fluid Analyzers Product line

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    SpectroSci - Model FDM 6000 - Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    The FDM 6000 is a portable, battery operated fuel dilution meter that determines the concentration of fuel dilution present in an oil sample within a matter of minutes. The FDM 6000 uses a unique patent pending fang design to pierce the cap of a disposable sample vial and draws in the headspace from the vial. The headspace flows over a ...

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Powered Oil Analyzers Product line

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    InfraSpec - Multi-Biofuel Spectrometer

    The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a portable infrared analyzer that provides on-site analysis of biodiesel in diesel, ethanol in gasoline and water in ethanol, all  in less than a minute. Weighing less than 5 lbs. including the rechargeable battery, the system may be on the move for a full shift before requiring a recharge. The InfraSpec ...

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Biodiesel Blend Analyzers Product line

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    SpectrOil - Model M/F-W - Fuel Analyzer

    The SpectrOil M/F-W has become the standard instrument when on-site and immediate fuel analysis is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of ASTM D 6728, Standard Test Method for Determination of Contaminants in Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Fuel by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometr

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Fluid Analyzers Product line

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    InfraCal 2 - Model ATR-B - Biodiesel Blend Analyzer

    The InfraCal 2 Biofuel Analyzer is a low-cost, single wavelength analyzer with filters preset for a particular measurement – either biodiesel in diesel or ethanol in gasoline. Biodiesel has a characteristic infrared absorption band at 5.73 μm (1745 cm-1). Ethanol’s infrared absorbance is at 9.6 μm (1045 cm-1). As the biodiesel or ...

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Fluid Analyzers Product line

  • eralytics ERAVAP - Vapor Pressure Tester

    The versatile ERAVAP allows vapor pressure testing of e.g. fuels, solvents, fragrances or aqueous solutions. It measures in full compliance with the latest standards such as ASTM D5188, D5191, D6378, EN 13016, and many more using a single analyzer. With excellent precision and measuring stability it covers the pressure range from 0 kPa to 1000 ...

    By eralytics GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Vapor Pressure Testers Product line

  • Model NAB 440 41300 - Automatic Abel Flash Point Tester

    This test method covers the determination of the closed cup flash point of petroleum products and other liquids having flash point between -30 and 110°C.

    By Normalab France SAS based in Valliquerville, FRANCE. from Flammability Product line

  • Fields of Expertise Services

    Refining involves distilling crude oil to obtain various fractions that are then processed into intermediate and commercial products. In petrochemical manufacturing, products from refining are converted to produce monomers and polymers, molecules which are found in many everyday items.

    By Total S.A based in La Défense 6, FRANCE. from Oil & Gas - Refining & Petrochemicals Product line

  • Burners for Liquid Fuels

    The benefits of FLOX technology when burning fuel oil but also biogenic liquid fuels like glycerine from bio-diesel production have been demonstrated. Low CO and NO concentrations have been demonstrated without any additional fuel. Currently e-flox develops a commercial burner.

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • UP TO 625 kW

    Powerful 6-cylinder Mitsubishi-SCHNELL in-line engine, User-friendly PLC control unit with touchscreen and remote monitoring, Durable double bearing synchronous generator, Exhaust heat exchanger made from high-grade stainless steel, Common rail injection system with SCHNELL control electronics, Two-stage water air cooling, Enhanced effectiveness ...

    By Schnell / agrogen GmbH based in Merkendorf, Bayern, GERMANY. from Dual Fuel CHP Unit Product line

  • TurvaTankki - Model 660l - Fuel Tank

    Measures: Width :1100 mm. Height :1470 mm. Depth :900 mm. Weight :255 kg. Accessory container’s measures (extra equipment): Width :800 mm. Height :800 mm. Depth :400mm.

    By Metsätyö Ltd based in JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND. from Fuel Tank Product line

  • WattNode Modbus - Modbus Power and Energy Meters

    The WattNode Modbus is a kilowatt hour (kWh) energy and power meter that communicates on a EIA RS-485 network, measures 1, 2, or 3 phases with voltages from 120 to 600 volts Vac and currents from 5 to 6,000 amps in delta (phase to phase) and wye (phase to neutral) configurations.

    By Continental Control Systems, LLC (CCS) based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model K33850 - Existent Gum Steam Generator

    Electrically heated boiler provides instantaneous and reserve steam capacity for steam-jet evaporation tests. Easy to install and operate; electrical heating eliminates the need for on-site fuel combustion. Requires only a water feed source and electrical hook-up. Ruggedly constructed, with long life industrial grade incoloy heating element. ...

    By Koehler Instrument Company Inc based in Holtsville, NEW YORK (USA). from Fuels Testing Equipment Product line

  • CSI - Single Or Double-Wall Compartment Tanks

    Compartment tanks are built by dividing a double-wall storage tank with a bulkhead creating two independent storage areas. They are a popular choice for retail petroleum marketers interested in storing multiple blends for fuel including diesel.

    By Containment Solutions, Inc., (CSI) based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA). from Petroleum Storage Tank Product line

  • Automated Vapor Pressure Tester Reid Method, Demi Size Model AVP-30D

    AVP-30D series carries out the Reid Vapor Pressure test prescribed in ASTM D323 and IP69, AVP-30D has been developed after its well received predecessor, AVP-21D/22D series, with further enhancement in the electronics. The new features include easy switch between display in kPa and kgf/cm2 units, water level monitor for safety, and communication ...

    By Tanaka Scientific Ltd. based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • Model Eye FE 4 UV/IR - Multi Fuel Flame Surveillance

    Multi -Fuel Flame Surveillance. Twin Channel Monitoring with Shutter Self Check. The UV and IR Cells are incorporated into a single head assembly, reducing the number of Viewing Heads required on multi-fuel burner applications. Both signal sources are passed from the Viewing Head to the Head Transmitter where they are conditioned into a single ...

    By Credfeld Ltd based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Main Flame Monitoring Product line

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