Fuel Cell Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Micropower system modeling with Homer

    Micropower system modeling with Homer

    The HOMER Micropower Optimization Model is a computer model developed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to assist in the design of micropower systems and to facilitate the comparison of power generation technologies across a wide range of applications. HOMER models a power system`s physical behavior and its life-cycle cost, which is the total cost of installing and operating ...

  • Ene.Field Project - Case Study

    The ene.field project is the largest European demonstration of the latest smart energy solution for private homes, Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration. The EU co-funded project ene.field has deployed more ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Splittube Furnace Up to 1300°C

    Splittube Furnace Up to 1300°C

    The FST, single zone, and FZS, 3-zone, split tube furnaces can be used either vertically or horizontally and have a maximum operating temperature of 1300 °C. The split heating module allows either easy positioning of the work tube or positioning around reactors which have fixed end flanges. The split design may also allow faster cooling of the sample. Cooling channels are engineered into the ...