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Fuel Cell Monitoring equipment for Energy Monitoring

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    MCZ - Inspection Station and Test Bench for Fuel Cells

    Automatic test bench to check fuel cells with automatic recording of characteristic U/I line, characteristic gas stoichiometry line, dynamic load behavior, characteristic line with different cell temperatures, gas dampening states, and operating pressures.

    By Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY. from Specialized Systems Product line

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    Carbolite Gero - Model FST/FZS - Splittube Furnace Up to 1300°C

    The FST, single zone, and FZS, 3-zone, split tube furnaces can be used either vertically or horizontally and have a maximum operating temperature of 1300 °C. The split heating module allows either easy positioning of the work tube or positioning around reactors which have fixed end flanges. The split design may also allow faster cooling of the ...

    By Carbolite Gero - part of Verder Scientific based in Hope, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tube Furnaces - Split Tube Furnaces Product line

  • Model 4kW/8kW - Bi-Directional DC DC Converter for Storage

    The bidirectional DC DC converters are high efficiency devices designed primarily for converting low voltage battery packs (48V or 96V) to a voltage matching the DC bus to which it is attached (380Vdc nominal). In high to low mode (buck), the converter uses the DC value of the DC bus to enable conversion, ensuring that there is sufficient power to ...

    By eIQ Energy based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Helbio - Large Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP)

    Power generation systems in the 20 to 200 kW power class are now widely demanded for use in commercial and industrial buildings for production of electricity and hot water, for back-up power and for energy supply to the industry. Helbio develops and manufactured customized power production systems with CHP capabilities in the range of 20-200 kW , ...

    By Helbio S.A based in Rio, GREECE.

  • CVM-System MCM IntelliProbe - Voltage Monitoring System / Batteries / Fuel cells

    Multichannel voltage monitoring system for fuel cells and batteries. The system setup is modular. A complete measurement system integrates up to 42 ten-channel voltage monitoring modules, enabling users to concurrently acquire the voltages of 420 channels, a link module to connect to supply and communications lines. The last measurement module in ...

    By Smart Testsolutions GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • CVM-System MCM IntelliProbe - Model MCM IntelliProbe - Cell Voltage Monitoring / Test Bench Equipment

    Plug 'n Play fuel cell monitoring system for test bench environments. The measurement modules (MCM-IntelliProbe) and the process module (MCM-MasterModule) are housed within a 19'-rack, which allows simple integration or removal. Thus, the cell voltage monitoring units (CVM) can be exchanged between the FMI in any order. The connection of the ...

    By Smart Testsolutions GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • Model 1470E - Eight Channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat

    The 1470E system provides eight fully independent potentiostat/galvanostat channels that allow all traditional DC tests to be performed. The system is operated from a PC using our CellTest software package, and connection is via an industry-standard Ethernet interface, allowing local or remote operation.

    By AMETEK Scientific Instruments / Solartron Analytical based in Farnborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electrochemistry, Corrosion & Energy Product line

  • DC/DC Invertor

    Fuel cells supply, with the increase of power, a lower voltage. This means, that the electrical behavior is strongly dependant on the operating conditions. When fuel cells are used as a power source in vehicles, this is unwanted behavior. Therefore, a solid voltage has to be offered to the electro engine to, for example, realise an independant ...

    By Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) based in Petten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Powertech - Hydrogen Fueling Stations

    Since 2001, Powertech has designed and constructed modular compressed hydrogen fueling stations. These stations are able to fill 700 bar (70 MPa) fuel cell vehicles in accordance with SAE J2601 fueling protocols. Communication fills and -40˚C pre-cooling are features of our design. The containerized assemblies allow for the easy re-location, ...

    By Powertech Labs, Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Element 1 - Hydrogen Purifier Module

    Developed over 30 years under the direction of Dr. David Edlund, e1’s membrane-based purification module is at the core of e1’s protected intellectual property.  The proven and mature proprietary technology within the purification module represents a significant advancement in scalable, reliable and affordable hydrogen ...

    By Element 1 Corp based in Bend, OREGON (USA).

  • Fuel Cell Voltage Monitoring System

    A security system for a stackable fuel cell, with which 40 cell voltages, at the most, can be measured. Working: For experiments, carried out with fuel cells (stacks), it is necessary to measure all cell voltages; in case one of the cell voltages decreases below a certain level, the supervisory system has to be able to intervene, based on this ...

    By Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) based in Petten, NETHERLANDS.

  • 500 Watt - Model EOS500 - Fuel Cell

    The EOS500 is suitable for most mobile applications such as personal computers and portable power generators. This fuel cell system is highly integrated with a compact design. It includes: a fuel cell stack, fans, an IC board and an electromagnetic valve. As with all of our fuel cells it is sold as a complete unit. It just needs a Hydrogen source ...

    By Fuel Cells Etc based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Fuel Cell Product line

  • GenCell - Model G5 - Long Duration UPS System

    The GenCell G5 long-duration UPS (uninterruptible power supply) provides a potentially unlimited source of 5kW of backup power for telecom, first responders and niche industrial markets. Designed to be extremely reliable, the GenCell solution has minimal moving parts, redundant internal systems and is highly resilient to extreme environmental ...

    By GenCell Ltd based in Petah Tikva, ISRAEL.

  • GenDrive - Model Series 3000 - Fuel Cells for Rider Pallet Jacks

    GenDrive fuel cell-powered pallet jacks run faster, maintaining rapid momentum during an entire shift, even in environments with temperatures as low as -22ºF. Time spent dealing with depleted batteries is now regained for revenue-generating work.

    By Plug Power Inc. based in Latham, NEW YORK (USA). from GenKey - GenDrive Fuel Cell Power Product line

  • MCM-IntelliProbe-U10T - Voltage Monitoring Module

    Ultra-compact 10-channel voltage measurement module with integrated bus termination and direct-mount attachment for a galvanically isolated voltage logging in groups of battery, fuel cell or electrolysis stacks with the following technical specification (excerpt): - Dimensions (WxHxL mm) 10.5 x 30 x 100 without guiding pins and bus connectors. - ...

    By Smart Testsolutions GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • CVM-System MCM IntelliProbe - Fuel Cell Monitoring at cryogenic temperatures

    The application of measurement technology within climate chambers makes high demands on the inserted components. The measurement modules (MCM IntelliProbe) and the process module (MCM-MasterModule) are housed in a heated aluminum body. This allows the reliable use of monitoring equipment at temperatures down to -40 °C. The internal heating ...

    By Smart Testsolutions GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • Energy Converters

    High-performance energy conversion solutions, suited for embedded and stationary systems, ranging from several Watts to 500 kW. TRONICO designs and manufactures a range of high-performance energy conversion solutions under the name of TAMEPOWER®. These solutions are suited for embedded and stationary systems, ranging from several Watts to 500 ...

    By Alcen based in Paris, FRANCE. from Energies Product line

  • NI - Model 9225 - 3-Channel, 300 Vrms Analog Input Module

    The NI‑9225 performs differential analog input. The wide measurement range is well suited for high-voltage measurement applications such as power metering, power quality monitoring, motor test, battery stack testing, and fuel cell tests. You can perform transient and harmonic analysis with high-speed simultaneous sampling. In addition, you ...

    By National Instruments based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model Bex-1614MS - Gas Analyzer For Fuel Cell

    Best Instruments Bex-1614MS is capable of continuously measuring trace amounts of CO or CO2, H2, O2, H2O and N2 gases leaking from fuel cells with a mass spectrometer at a trace sampling flow rate (approx. 50mL/min).

    By Best Instruments Co., Ltd based in Yawata-City, JAPAN.

  • Windsun - Solar Inverters

    The WINDSUN solar inverters are the latest generation of grid connected inverter, fed by solar modules or fuel cells. Thanks to its wide MPP operation voltage range, it starts to supply power from the first lights of the dawning up to late sunset, guaranteeing a higher power generation to your photovoltaic plant.

    By Layer Electronics s.r.l. based in Erice (TP), ITALY. from Solar Energy Product line

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