Fuel Level Monitoring

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  • Safe environment using biodiesel blend

    Safe environment using biodiesel blend

    The biodiesel blend is more environmentally friendly, than standard types of fuel which has a crude oil base. It only radiates the carbon dioxide necessary for growth of plants. It doesn’t contain sulfur and other unfriendly contaminates. It has better burning process, because there is more mass of oxygen and it is biological product which quickly decays therefore doesn’t threaten ...


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  • Automotive Fuel Level Sensors

    Automotive Fuel Level Sensors

    Fuel Level Sensors are done by a series of reed switches positioned inside the electronic tube, a float with built in magnet moving up and down when fluid level changes, would trigger the reed switches inside the tube respectively, thus, generate a potential free resistance signal with an Ohm value to indicate the changes of fluid level. The switch contacts are hermetically sealed in the inert ...