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  • Diesel & Biodiesel Moisture Matters

    Diesel & Biodiesel Moisture Matters

    Welcome to Moisture Matters – the show where we take your everyday and not so everyday objects and test them to see which has more moisture. Today we’re testing fuel! Which do you think has more moisture, diesel or biodiesel?The Computrac Vapor Pro XL is a chemical-free Karl Fischer alternative that prov

  • FPC Diesel Fuel Additive Case Study

    The most comprehensive study ever conducted on FPC, if not any fuel additive, is the University of Western Australia (UWA) Scientific Study conducted at the UWA Centre for Energy by world-renowned ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Inspection Station and Test Bench for Fuel Cells

    Inspection Station and Test Bench for Fuel Cells

    Automatic test bench to check fuel cells with automatic recording of characteristic U/I line, characteristic gas stoichiometry line, dynamic load behavior, characteristic line with different cell temperatures, gas dampening states, and operating pressures.