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Fuel Testing equipment for Energy Monitoring

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    Carbolite Gero - Model FST/FZS - Splittube Furnace Up to 1300°C

    The FST, single zone, and FZS, 3-zone, split tube furnaces can be used either vertically or horizontally and have a maximum operating temperature of 1300 °C. The split heating module allows either easy positioning of the work tube or positioning around reactors which have fixed end flanges. The split design may also allow faster cooling of the ...

    By Carbolite Gero - part of Verder Scientific based in Hope, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tube Furnaces - Split Tube Furnaces Product line

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    Carbolite - Model CAF G5 - Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    The CAF G5 is a furnace designed to test ash fusibility, and optionally, the increasingly popular determination of biomass or solid recovered fuels testing. The coal ash fusibility test furnace conforms to the Standards ISO 540:2008; ASTM D 1857 / D1857M – 04 (2010); DIN 51730:2007-09; DD CEN/TS 15370-1:2006 (biomass) and PD CEN/TR ...

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    Metrohm - Model 2.893.0010 - 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat

    The 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat determines the oxidation stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, or FAME for short) and biodiesel blends. In the Biodiesel Rancimat, increased temperature and a continuous stream of air through the sample accelerate its aging. The time that passes until oxidation takes place at a high rate – ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Stability Measurement Product line

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    SpectroSci - Model FDM 6000 - Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    The FDM 6000 is a portable, battery operated fuel dilution meter that determines the concentration of fuel dilution present in an oil sample within a matter of minutes. The FDM 6000 uses a unique patent pending fang design to pierce the cap of a disposable sample vial and draws in the headspace from the vial. The headspace flows over a ...

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Powered Oil Analyzers Product line

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    MCZ - Inspection Station and Test Bench for Fuel Cells

    Automatic test bench to check fuel cells with automatic recording of characteristic U/I line, characteristic gas stoichiometry line, dynamic load behavior, characteristic line with different cell temperatures, gas dampening states, and operating pressures.

    By Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY. from Specialized Systems Product line

  • Compact LCV Combustor

    The compact design LCV combustor was originally designed to serve PSA digester gas upgrading systems for municipal biogas or sewags sludge fermenters. It is able to burn up to 100 Nm³/h (NCMH) of LCV gas. For methane concentrations in the LCV gas of 7 Vol% it can burn the gas without auxiliary fuel. Up to 15 Vol% is possible. The detailed ...

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • Methanol-to-Hydrogen Fuel Processors

    Genesis test is developing a variety of methanol fuel processors including portable applications in the 300 watt power range, rack mounted units in the 300 watt to 1.25 kW range and larger reformer systems to support hydrogen refueling systems.

    By Genesis Fueltech Inc. based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Methanol-to-Hydrogen Fuel Processors

    Genesis test is developing a variety of methanol fuel processors including portable applications in the 300 watt power range, rack mounted units in the 300 watt to 1.25 kW range and larger reformer systems to support hydrogen refueling systems.

    By Genesis Fueltech Inc. based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • BIOKOMPAKT - Model Series AWK-ECO - Material Slot for Boiler

    The material insertion STO MINI is for the boiler series AWK - suitable ECO to 50 kW. He is 20 to 25% water content (max. 55% humidity) and max for pellets, grain, wood chips and G. 15 - 20 mm suitable piece size.

    By Biokompakt Heiztechnik GmbH based in Waldhausen, AUSTRIA. from Boiler Accessories Product line

  • ClearSign - Model ECC - Electrodynamic Combustion Control System

    Electrically charged molecules, or ions, are a natural product of the combustion process. ClearSign’s Electrodynamic Combustion Control technology introduces computer-controlled electric fields to manipulate the movement of these ions and precisely control flame shape and the transfer of heat to, through, or away from a surface.

    By ClearSign Combustion Corporation based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Laitex - Solid Fuel Receiving Station

    Laitex fuel receiving station with chain dischargers is a reliable choice for solid fuels. It is based on reliable and tested solutions. The frame is made of structural steel, with a film laminated or stainless steel deck. The station is driven with a ratchet wheel or hydraulic cylinder, or it can be equipped with a geared or ...

    By Laitex Oy based in Lappeenranta, FINLAND. from Other Products Product line

  • DESMI - Fuel Transfer Systems

    Fuel transfer tank to tank, tank to vehicle or tank to aircraft including on board marine systems can be covered by our extensive range of transfer pumps with or without filtration systems.

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Defence & Fuel Product line

  • TankCam - Remote Inspections of Fuel Storage Tanks

    An Economical Way To See What's Happening Inside Your Tanks. Problems inside a UST like corrosion, cracking, blistering, de-lamination - issues that compromise your fuel and could lead to catastrophic consequences to your site - are notoriously hard to pinpoint. Getting a good clear look at what's happening inside the tank is difficult and ...

    By Tanknology Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • PCI Microlith - Fuel Reformer

    PCI is developing several fuel reforming catalytic reactors for integration into fuel processor and fuel cell power systems including: Catalytic Partial Oxidation (CPOX) of methane, propane, gasoline, Jet A, JP-8 and diesel, Autothermal Reforming (ATR) of gasoline, Jet A, JP-5, JP-8 and diesel, Oxidative Steam Reforming (OSR) of methanol, Steam ...

    By Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Fuel Processor Product line

  • Direct Acting, Duplex Reciprocating Pump

    The ClydeUnion Pumps direct acting pumps are designed with exceptional versatility to efficiently meet the requirements of a wide variety of pumping applications. These units are ruggedly designed for minimum maintenance and to meet the heavy-duty requirements of continuous duty operation in general industry as well as API674 services. These units ...

    By ClydeUnion Pumps - an SPX Corporation brand based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Reciprocating Pumps Product line

  • Model CX501-KB5 (3.9 MW) - Gas Turbine-Powered Electrical Generator Sets

    The 501-KB5 aeroderivative gas turbine engine shares commonality with the other single-shaft 501-K engines. Its low mass flow and high exhaust temperature makes the KB5 the ideal engine for cogeneration.

    By Centrax Ltd based in Newton Abbot, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Instant Power Supply (IPS)

    PowerCom IPS is the ideal solution for continuous power supply facilities during mains failure. The system has many distinct features over the conventional generators. It is the precession IPS designed according to our power line Condition. It has the ability to charge the battery in low voltage so you will get sufficient backup in Failure of ...

    By Power Control & Management ltd based in Mirpur, BANGLADESH.

  • Ace-Instatherm - Model 3704 - Filtration Apparatus Assembly

    Filtration apparatus assembly. This apparatus differs from the standard units as it utilizes our Instatherm technology to evenly heat the upper 500mL filter funnel, thus keeping the viscous material such as polymers in the liquid state. The middle adapter and snap ring are PTFE. The interchangeable fritted disk is Course, 20 to 50 Micron range. ...

    By Ace Glass, Inc. based in Vineland, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Ace-Instatherm Product line

  • Biopoint - Portable Wood Pellet and Sawdust Moisture Meter

    The Biopoint is used to determine water content in wood pellets or sawdust from heating wood. The right water content in the combustion mass, gives the cleanest burning and highest energy extraction. The Biopoint is also used for regular moisture measurement during storage, before use.

    By Supertech Agroline ApS based in Bogense, DENMARK. from Portable Grain Moisture Analyzers Product line

  • Biodico - Model FT-NIR - Real-Time Testing System

    Powerful Biofuel Testing for the Biodiesel Industry; Biodico utilizes Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy (commonly abbreviated as FTNIR or FTIR) to analyze its biodiesel real time and in-situ. By combining the use of spectroscopic analysis with EMF phase detection technologies, operation algorithms, and other developed techniques, ...

    By Biodico based in Ventura, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Biodiesel More System Product line

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