Gas Network Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Gas distribution network for households in Saudi Arabia: economic and demand estimation studies

    This study evaluates the economics of establishing a residential natural gas network in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province (EP) to cater to the household demand for natural gas. The paper focuses primarily on household use of natural gas for cooking. Additional economic analysis of other household uses – as air conditioning, space and water heating – is incorporated. Demand streams of various ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Biogas Analyzer

    Biogas Analyzer

    Gas analysis in biogas plants with the "Set BGA" complete measuring system from Siemens. Set BGA (Bio Gas Analyzer) is a fully configured and ready-to-run gas analysis system for use in biogas plants. The integrated ULTRAMAT 23 industrial gas analyzer has four measuring channels for simultaneous determination of the relevant gas components methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen. ...