Petroleum Testing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Security of energy supply in Japan: a key strategy and solutions

    Energy is essential for goods and services. Japan's economy is dependent on imported energy which is 85% per year, the highest percentage among industrialised nations. The study measures energy supply security (ESS). Four indices; dependency index, intensity index, local production index and composite index are constructed and statistical models are formed out to investigate the significance and ...


  • Bolivia´s gas reserves to double by 2025: minister

    Bolivian hydrocarbons minister Luis Alberto Sanchez predicts a jump in natural gas reserves as the country`s "year of exploration" gains momentum."Results from the first quarter were very promising," Sanchez toldArgusin an interview. "Reserves will ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fuel Analyzer

    Fuel Analyzer

    The SpectrOil M/F-W has become the standard instrument when on-site and immediate fuel analysis is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of ASTM D 6728, Standard Test Method for Determination of Contaminants in Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Fuel by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.