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  • Predictable Wind Power

    Maximizing value by peering into the futureWind power is variable, but predictable!Let’s not beat around the bush: wind power is variable.  Output power of a wind turbine varies with the wind speed and every location will have some degree of wind speed variations around an average value. Even on a windy night in Vanuatu, wind speed and thus


  • Tamed wind energy for micro-grids

    XANT turbines are conceived for operation in small grids. Whether called micro-grids, island grids or even off-grid, the smaller the grid the bigger the challenge to balance consumption and generation of electricity!  This is conflicting with ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Power Panels

    Power Panels

    With our experience in the wind industry we know what potential challenges your equipment will face, and we have tailored solutions for handling them. Our competent engineers, technicians and supply chain are dedicated to ensure high quality and cost-effective power panels.