Energy Monitoring Services in Europe

  • Energy Management Services

    Elecnor embraces and develops measures aimed at encouraging efficient energy management as a differentiating factor. It therefore constantly strives to encourage abalancebetween economic returns and energy efficiency in the procurement of energy and products, as well as in thedesignof its installations. To achieve this, it works tirelessly to ...

    By ELECNOR based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Energy Management Services Service line

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    Domestic Planned Maintenance Services

    Our packaged service plans for your home are designed to offer complete control. With an easy-pay monthly plan starting from just £14 per month, you can protect yourself against costly maintenance - giving you something less to worry about. Whether you have a wastewater, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy or monitoring system, our ...

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Domestic Planned Maintenance Services Service line

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    Wind Energy Forecasting Services

    CERC provides short-term forecasting services for wind turbine output. For example, live power predictions for an operational turbine are shown in the bar graph at the bottom of the CERC home page.

    By Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Energy Forecasting Services Service line

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    Gas Pipeline Inspection (Network Survey) Services

    You can trust our more than 80 years of experience in testing gas pipeline networks. Certified, licensed company in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) regulation G 468-1 (A). Use of certified specialists in accordance with DVGW regulation G 468-2 (H). Line paths detected exclusively with FID ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Gas Pipeline Inspection (Network Survey) Services Service line

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    Wind Energy and Airflow Services

    CERC has provided expert services in local flow and turbulence modelling for over 25 years and regularly takes part in UK, EU and international research projects.

    By Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Energy and Airflow Services Service line

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    Sworn Court Experts Services

    25 Gutachten sOur experts are characterized by high qualification and years of professional experience. Due to their competence expert opinions, especially in the field of solid biomass and waste recovery are required.

    By BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

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    ICT-FT Fuel Testing Services

    Since 2001 once a year Philipp Koskarti organizes international comparison tests in the field of fuel testing. Changing test materials (wood pellets, olive oil residues up to hemp husks) make the laboratory comparison tests attractive for the participants. Several times, results of previous comparison tests were used by national and international ...

    By BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from ICT-FT Fuel Testing Services Service line

  • Other Parameters and Phenomena Services

    It is possible to connect almost any sensor/probe with a standard output (mA, mV,....) to the EHP-measuring system - so by the help of EHP small, low energy consumption data logger it is possible to monitor almost any parameter and phenomenon at any place, if only a suitable sensor/probe exists for it.

  • Maintenance & Service

    On-going quality assurance and high grade components guarantee an extraordinarily long service life and the highest availability. In order to safeguard both in the long term, our service specialists provide our clients with appropriate expert servicing and maintenance.

    By Wolf Power Systems GmbH based in Gorleben, GERMANY.

  • Monitoring Energy Use

    There is a huge demand for energy but its supply is limited. As a result, energy costs are rising which means that more businesses are looking to monitor and reduce their energy consumption to reduce their overheads. In addition, most organisations are now aware of their carbon footprint and wish to reduce it. Excessive energy consumption means a ...

    By Valpak Limited based in Stratford-upon-Avon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Monitoring Energy Use Service line

  • FM Consulting

    GOLDBECK Facility Management Consulting stands for optimization. The aim: Value and performance increase of the building – also during operation. The method: A differentiated analysis of the building utilization costs. Using an integral consideration of the matter, in which technical building, economic and constructive aspects are ...

    By GOLDBECK Solar GmbH based in Hirschberg, GERMANY.

  • Install Monitoring (MEMU)

    EECO2 have developed a bespoke Mobile Energy Monitoring Unit (MEMU) which can collect data from the plant/facility being upgraded. See MEMU link for details The MEMU will provide a detailed picture of energy costs of the plant/facility which will aid when reporting and verifying the project completion savings.

    By EECO2 Limited based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Install Monitoring (MEMU) Service line

  • Metering Services

    Changing and installing meters to increase or reduce capacity can be very time consuming and can result in unnecessary expenditure.

    By CUB (UK) Ltd. based in Cambs, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pulse Basket Energy Plan

    The Pulse Basket Energy Plan gives businesses with lower volume energy requirements the opportunity to group-buy with similar Pulse clients. This is a managed service delivered by the Pulse Business Energy team, who trade the total basket requirement on the wholesale market on a flexible basis – which drives down energy costs for all ...

    By Pulse Business Energy based in London Bridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pulse Basket Energy Plan Service line

  • High-End Heat Exchangers For Pre-Processing Services

    It is the most overlooked technique due to the lack of widespread solutions. But our team has developed strategic alliance with specialized equipment manufacturers that can deliver high-end heat exchangers for pre-processing your products, thus utilizing low temperature thermal energy according to the Holistic energy model guidelines.

    By Energineering Solutions based in Marathon, GREECE.

  • Cost Management Services

    For organisations spending up to £500,000 on energy, we provide a comprehensive budgeting and procurement service, managing the negotiation and administration of fixed price energy supply contracts. If your organisation spends over £500,000 on energy, read about our Corporate Procurement solutions here.

    By M&C Energy Group Ltd. based in Dunfermline, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cost Management Services Service line

  • Enterprise Information Services

    When it comes to energy and the environment, data management is a fundamental factor in the achievement of optimal performance.  However, the amount of information critical for the effective analysis and control of supply costs, energy consumption and environmental compliance processes is vast.

    By M&C Energy Group Ltd. based in Dunfermline, UNITED KINGDOM. from Enterprise Information Services Service line

  • Electricity Market Reform (EMR)

    The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) has been issued by the UK government as a potential solution to the nation’s core energy problems which include; lowering energy costs, improving supply security and reducing carbon emissions. The EMR will offer organisations incentives to help generate £110bn which will be used to upgrade and ...

    By Apollo Energy based in Chorley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Service line

  • Engineering Services

    Depending on each specific situation, NEM visits the customer in order to discuss the expectations and possibilities. For new plants, issues like plant operation mode, efficiency and reliability will be defined. NEM engineers translate the requirements into newly developed boiler specifications, incorporating the latest technology and experience.

    By NEM HRSGs based in Leiden, NETHERLANDS.

  • Maintenance Services

    Alstom guarantees availability and technical performance of the train, signalling and/or infrastructure. From light urban systems to mainline and freight networks, Alstom has over 25 years maintaining assets built by Alstom or not - in our customers’ sites or in our own maintenance centres.

    By ALSTOM Transport based in Saint-Ouen, FRANCE.

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