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  • Owner’s factory inspection for 3x8MW HPP, India

    Owner’s factory inspection for 3x8MW HPP, India

    On June 10th, the owner of 3x8MW  Hydropower plant(Installed capacity: 3x8MW ) arranged the factory inspection for excitation transformer, excitation panels, turbine & generator equipments (runner, bearing, stator coil, main shaft) before ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples

    Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples

    Reduced tip measuring Junctions for fast speed of response. Rugged MgO insulated sheaths are fully annealed & can withstand the harsh conditions found in gas turbines. All stainless sheaths & fittings. TTEC’s Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples provide long life in hostile environments & greatly reduce costs associated with downtime due to sensor failure.. These sensors provide ...