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Turbine Monitoring equipment for Energy Monitoring

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    Model ISeries - UV-light Videoscope

    ISeries UV Videoscopes are professional robust devices suited for use in such critical areas as: Aircraft turbine inspections, Building Engineering, Gas turbine inspections, Railway and Train technology, Shipbuilding industry, and many others. They were specifically designed to inspect defects of hard-to-reach areas using dye penetration testing. ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from UV-light Videoscope Product line

  • Air Force - Model 10 - Wind Turbine

    SIL Level 3 independent safety control monitoring.Intelligent wind tracking adapts to wind conditions.Multiple rotor speed limiting systems.Ground level control panel housing electronics, inverter & hydraulics.Remote monitoring and data logging.Hydraulically raised tower.All UK designed & manufactured.GenDrive inverter (UK design & ...

    By FuturEnergy Ltd based in Stratford upon Avon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • WindTurbine Remote Monitoring

    To make wind energy competitive with other power plants in the near future, enhancements of availability, reliability and lifetime of the wind turbines are required. Significant improvements in this field can be seen in efficient maintenance and repair strategies on the basis of condition monitoring systems.

    By Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

  • Spica - Wind Turbine Temperature Monitor

    The temperature Monitor provides added surveillance to existing or new construction/machines (e.g. wind turbines) where critical parts need to be monitored (e.g. bearings or cooling liquid).  Due to the magnets on the backside of the module, the Temperature Monitor can easily be mounted anywhere on a metal (iron) surface. All connection is ...

    By Spica Technology ApS based in Silkeborg, DENMARK.

  • Woodward - Safety Systems

    Woodward’s ProTech-GII is an overspeed safety device designed to safely shut down steam, gas, and hydro turbines upon sensing an overspeed or over acceleration event. This device accurately monitors turbine rotor speed and acceleration via active or passive MPUs (magnetic pickups) and issues a shutdown command to the turbine’s trip ...

    By Woodward, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Safety Systems Product line

  • Remote Control Box

    The operating data exchange system (D.E.I.E.) is a control/monitoring unit that manages the remote control and monitoring of decentralised generating installations. Control cabinet for local spot generation, with measurements capacity for Wind mills, Photovoltaic generation, Micro generation, Gas turbine, Hydraulic generation.

    By Ensto Group based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Remote Control Box Product line

  • TongYu - Forging Wind Turbine Main Shaft

    Produce as per Drawings and Requirements. ?Capacity: ? Forgings 1ton - 350ton, Rod Max Length: 25m, Tube Max Length: 12m, Pie Max Diameter: 5.5m, Ring Max Diameter: 7m; ? Castings: 1ton - 150ton, all kinds of gray iron, ductile iron, vermicular iron, alloy iron and anti-wear, corrosion, heat resisting iron. ? Complete production chain, from ...

  • Iris - Remote Monitoring and Control System

    Remote configuration & operation of system online. Performance data (Real-time and historical) including wind speed and power production. Remote shut down and restart of the turbine, invaluable in areas where the weather changes quickly and severely. Collection of data, including RPM, voltage levels, average wind speed, export power and state ...

    By Orenda Energy Solutions Ltd. based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ImmerSUN unit

    An immerSUN unit is a cost effective way to heat your water with surplus energy from your Solar PV System or Wind Turbine. Excess electricity not used by the property is directed to your immersion heater to heat your hot water. The immerSUN monitors both the electricity generated by the microgeneration system and that which is coming from or going ...

    By Scenergy Limited based in Louth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • minCord - Color Camera System

    This compact color camera system is extreme small, light weight and ideal for the optical, non-destructive inspection of pipes, cavities, welding seams, turbines,hollow girder and cast parts. With the help of this mini-camera system you can detect firmly bonded deposits, abrasions and deformations in narrow, elbowed, hard approachable and ...

    By minCam Gmb based in Oberstdorf, GERMANY. from Color Camera System Product line

  • Model HPU - Turbine HP, LP Bypass l/F System

    This is a remote monitoring system which monitors the result of SAMA logic of HP-Bypass & RH Safety Vv and the operation information of HPU (Hydraulic Unit) interfacing with AV6 system in real time.

    By XEONET Co., Ltd. based in Seongnam-si, SOUTH KOREA. from Turbine HP, LP Bypass l/F System Product line

  • Flowtechnik - Model G2Ax - Aluminium for Petroleum Based Fluids

    G2 ATEX Aluminium series Turbine flowmeter for diesel and petroleum based fluids. Ideal for monitoring the use of diesel and petroleum based products dispensed from bulk storage, reducing product consumption, theft and wastage. Their compact design allows easy installation, on site or field calibration for different fluid densities and viscosities ...

    By UK Flowtechnik Ltd. based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aluminium for Petroleum Based Fluids Product line

  • Model WIN80083 - Wind Turbine System (2kW)

    Designed for commercial wind turbine installations where total monitoring is required. Available standard as an easy to tilt ground mount or a roof mount stand with legs or ballast. Our wind turbines can be configured to match any site or wind condition. With our blade designs and sizes, multiple tiers and blade configurations, we can supply you ...

    By Royall Power based in Reedsburg, WISCONSIN (USA). from Wind Turbine System (2kW) Product line

  • Spica - Model PT100 - Retrofit Controller

    Valuable retrofit. By replacing your old control system with the Spica Retrofit Controller you can reduce downtime as troubleshooting becomes faster and more qualified. With The Spica Retrofit Controller wind turbine owners can replace the old control system with a new controller that offers the newest standards in communication and parameter ...

    By Spica Technology ApS based in Silkeborg, DENMARK.

  • Gas Turbines

    The compressed intake air and biogas are ignited in the combustion chamber. The gases then pass through the turbine at high pressure and drive the generator. A turbine installation consists of a complete turbine assembly with gas compressor and monitoring equipment, with or without a heat exchanger for producing hot water. Biogas Systems AB ...

    By Biogas Systems AB based in Sunne, SWEDEN.

  • Model PS1800 - 1800 Kw Wind Turbine

    The PS1800-1.8mW utilizes a highly efficient generator suitable for IGBT-based power converter operations and also ensures that a wide range of speed variation is possible. The power converter is equipped with grid fault ride-through capability, which ensures that no separate capacitor panel is required for power improvement. The sophisticated and ...

    By Free Breeze Energy Systems Ltd based in Listowel, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Orbital - OrbiVib2

    OrbiVib2 is designed for vibration measurements in the frequency range 0.1–100 Hz. Up to 8 independent configurable frequency bands can be used to monitor and supervise accelerations in the frequency range of interest. The band-pass filter parameters, the vibration excess values and the reaction times can be configured individually for each ...

    By Orbital A/S based in Skjern, DENMARK. from OrbiVib2 Product line

  • Primus Air Breeze - Wind Turbine

    AIR Breeze provides energy you can count on in challenging conditions. This field-proven unit is engineered for battery-charging applications in coastal to desert to Arctic environments. It delivers the energy you need for communications, offshore structures, sailing or remote monitoring, to name a few. With optimized electronic controls, AIR ...

    By Primus Wind Power based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • BTI - Turbines Monitoring System

    It is very important for us to fully understand the turbines’ performance in a wide variety of geographies, mounted on a wide variety of building types, and in a wide variety of wind environments.

    By Building Turbines, Inc. (BTI) based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Orbital - Model 3 - TMC3 Wind turbine controller

    The TMC3 controller was exclusively designed for small and medium-sized wind turbines, typically from 10 kW up to 1 MW. It’s an all in one concept that combines powerful control, supervision, communication and data logging. Different communication interfaces can be used for monitoring and setting parameters. USB and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) are ...

    By Orbital A/S based in Skjern, DENMARK. from TMC3 Wind turbine controller Product line

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