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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Virtual Energy: Artificial Intelligence will Help Run Nuclear Reactors of the Future

    Virtual Energy: Artificial Intelligence will Help Run Nuclear Reactors of the Future

    Nuclear power plants can produce huge amounts of electricity while keeping their carbon footprints at relatively low levels, compared to power stations that burn fossil fuels. But building, maintaining and operating a nuclear plant is also relatively expensive. To make sure these plants remain competitive, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency energy division ...

  • RenXSol Installation - Tumkur - Case study

    RenXSol Installation - Tumkur - Case study

    The Enphase M250 microinverters were installed on this solar energy plant for a system of 1 MW total installed power. The main challenges for the installation were the remote and hard-to-access ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Iron based desulfurization media has low cost and high desulfurization capacity as its main advantage, however the chemical reaction occurring during the capture of hydrogen sulfide tends to agglomerate the media pellets in larger chunks which render the spent media removal a time consuming chore. For this reason the tendency for landfill gas and biogas desulfurization has been to use activated ...

Upcoming Events

  • Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    The trade fair and congress RENEXPO INTERHYDRO is the biggest international platform for hydropower in the German speaking area. Everyone, from experts to beginners, can gather information and discuss the innovation and future potential of water, the regenerative energy source - innovative, ecological, sustainable.