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  • Coin Type Series  0.1F~1.5F 5.5V super capacitor

    Coin Type Series 0.1F~1.5F 5.5V super capacitor

    Brief introduction of coin cell supercapacitor Supercapacitor or double layer capacitor is a brand a new type of energy storage device. It is one of the most advanced inventions in recent years, which is much better than conventional capacitor from many aspects. Supercapacitor or ultracap is now widely used, of which coin cell supercapacitor plays an important role in the application of supercap ...


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  • Energy Storage System

    Energy Storage System

    The GS200 Energy Storage System is self-contained, modular storage system delivering the most cost-effective and safest energy storage on the market. The zinc/iron flow battery incorporates the most efficient and worry free non-acid chemistry available today. The flexible GS200 modules can be interconnected for higher power and energy requirements.