Battery Energy Storage

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  • Modular Autolab Line Potentiostat
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    Modular Autolab Line Potentiostat

    By Metrohm AG

    The entry level member of the modular Autolab instruments family, the PGSTAT128N is a low current, low noise and fast potentiostat/galvanostat capable of measuring maximum 800 mA, with a compliance voltage of 12 V. The ...

  • Solar Tank Singlephase - Threephase Storage Inverters
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    Solar Tank Singlephase - Threephase Storage Inverters

    By Samil Power Co., Ltd.

    DC side energy storage equipment,the exisiting photovoltaic system can be upgraded to the energy storage system. It is compatible with the global mainstream brands of solar inverters. Through the configuration of the ...

  • Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
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    Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

    By Entropy Solutions LLC

    PureTemp phase change materials are designed to absorb and release large quantities of thermal energy at specific temperatures. Twenty-three PureTemp PCMs have been designated as 100 percent biobased by the U.S. ...

Upcoming events

  • MENA New Energy Conference & Exhibition - 2019
    Showcase Event

    MENA New Energy Conference & Exhibition - 2019

    By New Energy Update

    With so many projects at the development or pre-development phase, this is a vital time to network with developers and off-takers to ensure you are part of the project’s birth and lifecycle. With PPAs between ...

  • Key Energy - 2019
    Showcase Event

    Key Energy - 2019

    By Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.

    Key Energy, where energy meets the future: the leading fair for renewable energies in the Mediterrean area. Focus on photovoltaic and storage, solutions for the energy efficiency in the industry and residential, ...

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  • /files/6070/publications/45517/CCBJ150x100copy-100.jpg

    Report 4400: Energy Storage

    Report 4400: Energy Storage focuses on the Energy Storage Indsutry which at the utility level is a $2-billion industry in the United States. ...

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    European Energy Futures 2030

    The book summarizes the results of an international research project - the first Europe-wide Delphi study on future developments in the energy sector ...

  • Thermal Flows in Porous Media

    Thermal flow in porous media is important in a wide range of areas, including oil recovery, geothermal development, the chemical and nuclear ...

  • Advances in Nanofibre Research

    Nanofibres are defined as fibres with diameters on the order of 100 nanometres. They can be produced by interfacial polymerisation and ...

  • New Trends in Intercalation Compounds for Energy Storage

    Recent advances in electrochemistry and materials science have opened the way to the evolution of entirely new types of energy storage systems: ...

Companies & Suppliers


    QUADUCT CO. LTD. is an international high-tech company specializing in R&D, manufacture and sales of new energy equipment such as photovoltaic ...

  • Moixa Energy Holdings Ltd.

    Moixa Energy Holdings Ltd.

    Moixa is a British Technology company, founded in 2006 by Simon Daniel and Chris Wright, which focuses on Energy Innovation. We invent, manufacture ...

  • Alevo Group S.A

    Alevo Group S.A

    Alevo is a Swiss-based group of companies founded in 2009. Through its 9 subsidiaries, Alevo has established operations in the Americas, Europe and ...

  • Eguana Technologies

    Eguana Technologies

    Eguana designs and manufactures grid interactive energy storage systems based on its proprietary power control technology. Fully integrated energy ...

  • Energport, Inc.

    Energport, Inc.

    Energport, Inc., is a Silicon Valley based start-up whose primary focus is providing energy security. We know that energy storage is the safest, ...