Commercial Energy Storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • How Energy Storage Can Pave the Way for Renewable Energy Adoption

    IntroductionRenewable energy offers a hopeful promise to reduce the energy sector’s carbon footprint, but many challenges must be addressed before it can be more extensively integrated into our society. One of the greatest barriers to widespread adoption is quite simply that due to the nature of renewable energy – the fact that it is produced only when solar rays, wind, etc. a

  • Research team in PCM storage breakthrough

    Storage tanks at Valle 1 and 2, in Cadiz, Spain. Image courtesy of Sener.   Researchers in Catalunya have modelled a radical new PCM storage design that could deliver a 74 % thermal capacity ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Warehouse LEDs

    Warehouse LEDs

    Our energy efficient LED lighting solutions for warehouses can save up to 70-80% energy so why wouldn’t you explore getting a free survey and quote?. Brite LED offers energy saving lighting solutions for logistics centers, warehouses, large commercial storage facilities and other large facilities which use traditional lighting.