Distributed Energy Storage

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  • US LNG: A new era in the European economy

    US LNG: A new era in the European economy

    Recent news from the gas market make it clear that the US starts its new energy policy with LNG. In April, the US Cheniere Energy for the first time delivered nearly 100,000 tons of LNG on a tanker to Portugal. It’s clear that the first cargo serves to test the route to Europe, but it’s obvious that this is already the beginning of a new era in the European economy of oil and gas, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Energy Storage System

    Energy Storage System

    Innovative energy storage is increasingly impacting the world, from mobile applications like electric vehicles, hybrids, and consumer electronics to stationary uses like peak shaving, distributed storage, and backup. Stringent emissions regulations and new grid energy storage mandates are leading to increased adoption of energy storage. These drivers create opportunities for innovative companies ...

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  • Key Energy - 2020

    Key Energy - 2020

    The international renewable energy fair. Renewable energy – Storage and solutions for distributed power generation – Energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes – Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration – Sustainable cities: smart cities and sustainable mobility.