Distributed Energy Storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • A Tipping Point – Our Energy, Investments and Future

    As public attention focuses on the upcoming presidential election, trade disputes and gun control, another development will have a sweeping impact on the global economy, our lives and our future.Mounting evidence shows that unsubsidized renewable energy generation coupled with storage is now more cost-efficient than existing fossil fuel genera


Equipment & Solutions

  • On Grid Rack Mounted System

    On Grid Rack Mounted System

    The rack-mounted system with Synerion® Li-ion modules offers a modular approach for energy storage schemes in smart buildings and smart distribution grids. Multiples of this building block around 50 kWh energy and 100 kW power can be associated for a flexible solution to the various power and energy requirements of these applications. The system integrates power, safety, management and ...