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  • Porous Titanium in Next-Generation Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cells

    Porous titanium has found a wide variety of unique and important applications including filtration, separation, catalyst supporting, gas absorbing, gas sparging, current collection, and medical implantation.Manufacture process for porous titaniumRaw titanium powder preparation—Cold isostatic pressing or rolling&m


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  • Fuel Cell Membranes & Membrane Process Technology

    Fuel Cell Membranes & Membrane Process Technology

    This formula is immediately familiar: hydrogen and oxygen produce water and energy. The fuel cell works according to this (simplified) principle, which was discovered 200 years ago but which is now poised for a breakthrough. Hydrogen is an ideal source of energy, as it contains more than three times the energy content of all fossil fuels and other fuels like coal, gas and oil that damage the ...