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  • Application And Development Prospect Of Lithium Batter

    Application And Development Prospect Of Lithium Batter

    The purpose of developing high technology is to make it serve human better. Lithium-ion batteries have developed rapidly since 1990 because of their excellent performance and they have been widely used in society. Lithium-ion batteries have rapidly occupied many fields with incomparable advantages over other batteries. As we all know, mobile phones, laptops, small cameras and so on all involve ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Zinc-Air Battery

    Zinc-Air Battery

    Fluidic is the first to globally commercialize the long-awaited rechargeable Zinc-Air battery. Metal-air batteries are widely accepted as the lowest cost way to store and discharge an electron, but Zinc-Air batteries have not been rechargeable until Fluidic solved the problems historically constraining this attractive, low-cost battery chemistry from being commercially viable in demanding ...

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  • Energy Storage 2020

    Energy Storage 2020

    ACI’s 10th Energy Storage Conference will be taking place in Berlin, Germany, on 15th-16th January 2020. The two day event will bring together the senior representatives of the different stakeholders involved in the energy storage sector from utility providers, power generators, technology developers, energy storage service providers and policy regulators.You are kindly invited to the first ...