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  • Ellen Williams: The future of energy innovation

    Ellen Williams: The future of energy innovation

    As director of the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy, Ellen Williams plays a pivotal role in cultivating and guiding energy technology discovery and development in the United States. Ensia recently invited Williams to share her views on what we should watch for in the wide world of energy innovation in the months and years to come.What in your mi


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  • Gas Diffusion Layer

    Gas Diffusion Layer

    Newly re-released at a fraction of the previous cost. NuVant`s ELAT™ is a carbon cloth gas diffusion layer (GDL) with a carbon microporous layer. ELAT has been engineered to have state-of-the-art performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Thickness is 454 um. Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL) are key components of the membrane electrode assembly of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel ...