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  • Nuvation BMS Selected for Island's Microgrid

    Nuvation BMS Selected for Island's Microgrid

    CBS Power Solutions selected Nuvation Energy's high-voltage battery management system for a grid energy storage system located on the island of Lifuka. Lifuka, Kingdom of Tonga Lifuka is a 4.4 square mile island in the Kingdom


Equipment & Solutions

  • Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverter

    Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverter

    The GoodWe EM series bi-directional energy storage inverter can be used for both on-grid and off-grid PV systems. During the day, the PV array generates electricity which can be provided either to the loads, fed into the grid or charge the battery, depending on the economics and set-up. The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night. Additionally, the power grid ...

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  • E-Talia 2020

    E-Talia 2020

    A Strategy & Technology Summit to drive the Italian Energy Transition of Solar, Wind Power and Electric Vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate solar, wind power projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets.