Kinetic energy storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Flywheel energy storage control for use with intermittent energy source

    Systems used to extract renewable energy often are subject to suboptimal working conditions due to the intermittent nature of most renewable energy sources. The flywheel energy storage system suggested in this paper utilises an electronic clutch that engages and disengages the generator from the flywheel of the renewable energy system in an attempt to prevent the generator rotor from coming to a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wave Energy Converter

    Wave Energy Converter

    The resonant Wave Energy Converters developed by CorPower Ocean has a heaving buoy on the surface absorbing energy from the combined surge and heave motion of the waves. The WEC is connected to the seabed using a taut mooring line. It has a pneumatic pre-tension module between the mooring line and the buoy to enable a lightweight system with high natural frequency of oscillation. Phase control by ...