Mobile Energy Storage

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  • Case Study - Helmsley Open Air Pool

    Case Study - Helmsley Open Air Pool

    Helmsley Open Air Pool is operated by a registered charity – the Feversham Memorial Trust – and opens from June to September each summer. The 1930s pool is 25m in length and 10m wide. The existing heating system comprised an oil boiler working in tandem with an electric heat exchanger. During the 2007 season the oil boiler broke down and was in need of replacement. To keep the pool ...


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  • Mobile Energy Storage System

    Mobile Energy Storage System

     KDF SPDP solar power series is designed for mobile devices and DC power off grid PV system device, small volume and light weight, the bottom of the integration of solar power systems, power users from external solar panels, solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy and stored in the built-in battery, DC power supply in the electric appliance when required, with load: lights, DC ...