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  • Solar Panels for Boats: How expensive owning a boat can be?

    Solar Panels for Boats: How expensive owning a boat can be?

    You have been haunted by the idea of owning a boat. You can’t help but fulfilling that marine fantasy living inside your brain for a long time. Hold your horses and think of all costs before you get trapped!Boat owners know very well how expensive it is to own a boat. Having enough money to buy the boat is not the only consideration; you have to think about all after-purchasing costs. Boat ...

  • Hydro Power. Power Integrator Power Pilot

    The Power Pilot power integrator has been specifically designed for use in hydroelectric plants with off-grid installations.The Power Pilot has been designed to allow the delivery of power in ...


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  • E-Talia 2020

    E-Talia 2020

    A Strategy & Technology Summit to drive the Italian Energy Transition of Solar, Wind Power and Electric Vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate solar, wind power projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets.