Energy Storage Equipment in Africa

  • Model PRO All Night - Long Lasting Portable Light and Device Charger

    The dependable tool for homes and businesses to stay brightly lit all night and connected all day. Designed to run on the highest brightness setting for a whopping 8 hours after a single day of charge, the Sun King™ Pro All Night ensures maximum satisfaction for even the most demanding users. The USB-equipped phone charging port and large ...

    By Greenlight Planet Office in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • Model Pro 2 - Long-Lasting Portable Light and Device Charger

    The ultimate tool for homes and businesses to stay lit all night and connected all day. With its 160 lumen LED light output, the Pro 2 yields an astounding amount of light from a single sunny day of solar charge.  Users can enjoy up to 6 hours of light in the Pro 2’s brightest mode to increase productivity during the night. And the 2 ...

    By Greenlight Planet Office in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • Sun King Boom - Solar Lamp

    Sun King Boom, is the first ever solar-powered lantern with a Radio, MP3 player and Mobile Phone Charging from Sun King. A first in our Entertainment category. The digital FM Radio has internal memory to save your favorite radio stations. You  can play music directly from an SD card or USB drive for up to 10 hours. Boom is full of options: ...

    By Greenlight Planet Office in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • NanoPV - Model B-300W - Poly Si Solar Panels

    NanoPV-B-300W one of the world's top PV manufacturers, produces from wafer to module, committing to high quality sustainable products and continuous improvement. Integrating with Electrical Vehicles and Battery Energy Storage technology makes NanoPV-B-300W the world-leading solution provider from energy generating to consumption and storage.

    By NanoPV Solar Inc. Office in Nairobi, KENYA. from Solar Panels Product line

  • Charge Controllers

    Provides the best charge effect through the optimize charging algorithm and therefore, greatly extend the battery life.

    By AYTON Clean Energy based in Bujumbura, BURUNDI.

  • IMEON - Lithium Batteries

    In recent years, photovoltaic systems for self-consumption applications are using more and more lithium batteries (NMC, Liife PO4, LMO ...). The reasons are numerous: the volume has created a significant drop in prices, its lifespan is high and the yield is significantly higher than the performance of lead batteries. But also they are lighter, ...

    By IMEON Energy Distributor in Montague , Gardens, SOUTH AFRICA. from Intelligent Storage Management Product line

  • Model Ezy Sol 3 . - 3 Light Solar System

    1 x EzySol3 Control Unit 3 x LED Cluster Lights 1 x 10W Solar Panel Built In Solar Regulator Built In Battery Cellphone Charging Socket Uses: Informal Homes, Tents, Cabins, Containers, Wendy- Homes, Toilets, etc..

    By EzyLight based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Energy Storage Systems

    Using a customer’s load profile and other requirements, Corvus engineers design an Energy Storage System (ESS) tailored to the customer application without the expense of custom/bespoke engineering. The only purpose designed industrial lithium-ion battery system; it is scalable from 6.5 kWh at 48VDC to multiple Megawatt-hours and 1100VDC.

    By Corvus Energy Office in Lagos, NIGERIA.

  • Solar Regulators/Controllers

    A solar charge controller or regulator is a power system component whose functions include regulation of solar charge current and in some cases to provide low battery protection. It prevents over charging by lighting the current flowing into the batteries. The key to extending battery life in a solar system is to protect batteries from a ...

    By NEW SUN LIMITED based in Kampala-Uganda, UGANDA.

  • PowerCore - Storage and Energy Management Unit

    The PowerCore storage and energy management unit is designed to retrofit into your existing PV solar system and increase selfconsumption. On average owners of PV panels will only consume 30% of PV solar generated energy, the rest being exported back to the grid. Solar Ready’s smart storage system is designed to maximise self-consumption, ...

    By SRS Works Ltd Office in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • Brewing Industry Combined Heat and Power (CHP) / Cogeneration

    Combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration has significant potential in the brewery industry. Electricity and heat recovered from a gas engine can be deployed at high efficiency for useful onsite use. This gives the ability to reduce operational costs and reduce carbon emissions. Converting the heat into cooling via absorption chillers is ...

    By Clarke Energy Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON. from Natural Gas Product line

  • Premium

    Spartan - Model EMD - Electric Motor Drive

    The Spartan™ EMD, a standardized EMD, provides exceptional support throughout the equipment’s entire life cycle. Benefits include: Standardized Product Configurations. Pre-Engineered Package Design. Expanded Power Range. Comprehensive Lifecycle product support.

    By Solar Turbines Distributor in Port Gentil, GABON. from Oil & Gas Product line

  • IMEON - Model 3.6 - Single-Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

    IMEON 3.6 the single-phase hybrid solar inverter is dedicated to single-phase photovoltaic systems for self-production with storage. This solar inverter with a power of 3kW perfectly suits residential applications. It works in all configurations: Smart-Grid / Off-Grid / Back-Up / On Grid.

    By IMEON Energy Distributor in Montague , Gardens, SOUTH AFRICA. from Solar Hybrid Inverters Product line

  • AMPS - Advanced Multiport Power Systems

    Advance Multi-Port Power Station makes grid integration of multiple DC devices fast and easyGPTech AMPS is the best option for PV plants and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) developments operating with the new generation of 1200Vdc.The best option to solve the challenges of Utility-Scale projects. Turnkey outdoor solutions specially designed to offer ...

    By GPTech Office in Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Home - Model 60 - Solar Lighting and Energy Hub

    The modern solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses. The Home 60 brings modern lighting and energy to homes living off of the electric grid.  Once installed, the Home 60 provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms.  Included wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience ...

    By Greenlight Planet Office in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • GPTech - Model PPS - Play Integrated Storage Systems

     A new stage in the renewable energy hybrid generation. GPTech designs and builds its new Plug and Play Integrated Storage Systems focusing on strategic markets in the most demanding network environments: Chile, Brazil, USA ...

    By GPTech Office in Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA. from Other Products Product line

  • Topray - Model TPS-FP - Solar Folding Panel

    Foldable solar panel, Smaller & lighter. An plug & play solution for 12V/24V battery charging. Good for RV, boat and other outdoor applications. Built-in support (angle adjustable) & charge controller. 3 fold design + fiber glass solar substrate. Smaller & less weight. 55W, 110W, 160W power output available. OEM manufacture service ...

    By Topray Solar Co., Ltd. Office in Bugolobi, UGANDA. from Off Grid Solar Panel Product line

  • Fluke - Model 113 - Utility Multimeter

    The Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter gives users the means to quickly and easily do basic meter set and reconnect testing. This meter is simple-to-use and has the features needed to repair most electrical problems. The Fluke 113 has significant improvements over other digital multimeters available on the market, including Fluke model 7-600. ...

    By Fluke Corporation Distributor in Nasr City, EGYPT. from Digital Multimeters Product line

  • Deka - Solar Batteries

    Deka Gel Deep Cycle VRLA Solar Batteries - These are the best sealed batteries we have found in the world. We have been selling them in Africa for eight years with really fantastic results. They are made in the USA by East Penn Battery, the largest independent battery manufacturer in the country. The two largest sizes (4D and 8D) are made from ...

    By Pamtronics based in Jos, Plateau, NIGERIA.

  • EcoSolar - Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

    Solar batteries store power generated from the sun and discharge the power as needed (through an inverter).These batteries supply the home with energy once thesun has gone down or in the case of  grid-tied systems they can be a source of backup power. We have a wide range of batteries from worlds major brands which offer normal standby and ...

    By EcoSolar Options Ltd based in Nairobi, KENYA.

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