Solar Energy Storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The Path to a Vehicle-to-Grid Future

    The Path to a Vehicle-to-Grid Future

    Is a vehicle-to-grid future possible, where bidirectional chargers allow electricity to flow from electric vehicles back to the grid during peak demand? Given the current state of electric vehicle (EV) technology, coupled with existing pilot projects, we believe it’s more suitable to ask: what useful vehicle-to-grid applications can we implement today, and what valuable benefits await to be ...

  • Garden Island Microgrid (WA) Project

    The Garden Island Microgrid is an integrated renewable microgrid project including a connection to Carnegie’s wave energy site directly offshore from the island. The 2 MW of solar and ...


  • TEP Plans Clean Energy Expansion, Carbon Reduction

    TEP Plans Clean Energy Expansion, Carbon Reduction

    Tucson Electric Power (TEP) plans to provide more than 70 percent of its power from wind and solar resources as part of a cleaner energy portfolio that will reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2035.TEP's 2020 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), filed ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Storage System

    Solar Storage System

    Declare yourself independent from the national power grid and rising electricity prices. With a solar storage system from ASD Sonnenspeicher, photovoltaic systems have never made more sense. They benefit the environment – and save you money. Not only can you produce your own electricity, you can also use it yourself! Declare yourself independent from unpredictable electricity prices! Take some ...

Upcoming Events

  • E-Talia 2020

    E-Talia 2020

    A Strategy & Technology Summit to drive the Italian Energy Transition of Solar, Wind Power and Electric Vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate solar, wind power projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets.

North America Smart Energy Week

Oct. 21rd - 22th | Las Vegas