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17th Annual Alberta Power Summit 2016


The Climate Leadership Plan and changes in governance mark a brand new paradigm for Alberta’s electricity market. Building on its community, the 17th Annual Alberta Power Summit continues to provide a crucial dialogue and collaboration forum for policy makers and key industry stakeholders. Tackle critical challenges by understanding the dynamic forces shaping Canada’s only deregulated jurisdiction. Gain timely insight into: Global economic and energy outlook. New government and regulatory environment. Conversion to renewable generation. Implications of introducing Bill 20. Termination of Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs).

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Nov. 16-17, 2016
Westin Calgary
Calgary , AB , Canada

Over the last year, we have seen a significant change in attitudes over energy. Not only have we seen a shift in the Federal and Provincial governments’ economic mandate, we are experiencing new stressors for reducing carbon, and a technological revolution that is changing the relationships between LDCs and customers. Moving forward, we must recognize the new challenges and opportunities this creates.

  • Gain insight on how to move forward in a low carbon world in both policy and practice
  • What Next for the Alberta Power Market?
  • The Alberta Climate Leadership Plan
  • Retiring Coal Supply – Replacements & Expectations

… and much more!

Utilities and Power Generators, Aggregators, Brokers, Investors:
CEO, COO, CFO, CCO, General Manager, VP, Director – Regulatory, Compliance, Finance, Strategic Investment, Planning, Infrastructure, Engineering & Maintenance, Sustainability, Asset Optimization, Operations, Market Services, Business Development

Federal, Provincial, and Local Government Officials, Regulators and Associations:
VP, Executive Director – Policy, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, Infrastructure, Sustainable Development

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Users of Electricity:
COO, CFO, Head of Operations, Real Estate & Facility Manager

Energy Lawyers, Advisors, Consultants, Technology & Equipment Providers, Engineering & Construction Firms:
President, Managing Partner, Head of Practice – Utilities, Electricity Markets and Energy, VP – Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Experts and Representatives of Interest Groups: Energy, Economic Development, Environment, Infrastructure, Sustainability:
VP, Executive Director, Head of Research, Policy, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, Advisor

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