Carbon Composites Database - Webinar


Lightweight design plays an important role not only for the automotive and aerospace industries, but for wind energy, mechanical engineering, sports & leisure, construction, shipbuilding, and even for medical supplies, robotics and automation. In all of these industries, carbon composites (CF) and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) have become more and more relevant within the last years. With our new extension database Carbon Composites,  GaBi users can calculate LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) based on real and reliable primary data from industry.  The database was created by Fraunhofer IBP and IGCV and consists of 143 processes with carbon fibre related materials and processes.

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Oct. 17, 2018
4pm-5pm CEST

  • Learn about unique data scopes in CF and CFRP
  • Understand how measured values deliver high data quality
  • Consider scenarios for min-max
  • Explore how detailed process chain analysis works in specific scenarios

  • Andrea Hohmann, Robert Ilg, Fraunhofer
  • Marc-Andree Wolf, Contractor, thinkstep

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