EMART Energy - 2016


A new EMART Energy agenda means new topics and ideas for the changing energy markets. The Advisory Board and EFET helped us determine new insight and inspiration for our participants. This year again much of the high-level content is going to be available on the exhibition floor & there will be an even stronger emphasis on networking throughout the many meeting facilities.

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Nov. 3-4, 2016
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA)
Amsterdam , Netherlands

Join us for the leading meeting place for European energy traders! Have a look below what we have in store for you:

Network, network, network!

Recognizing the quality of our attendees of which over 65% are high-level traders, this year's event is designed to enable you to meet your peers, form partnerships and find collective answers.

Expertise from 70+ leading specialists

EMART Energy is well-known for its market leading conference programme, covering all developments in the power and gas traded markets, market supervision and renewable energy - featuring over 70 high level speakers.

Join us on the Hub.. where knowledge meet interactivity!

The Hub is back! Taking place at the heart of the Trading Floor, freely accessible to all participants, will be the interactive Hub programme - a platform where interactivity underlines every element of the sessions.

Enjoy the liveliness of the Trading Floor!

This year’s “Trading Floor” will not only feature specialist content and the best services & solutions on offer, but we’ll make sure you enjoy it too! Unwind by participating in various games and compete with your international colleagues! Or how about meeting new contacts during the matchmaking opportunities or while you’re lounging in the Traders’ Bar?

Party time!

Connect with your peers during the famous Traders' Party hosted in one of Barcelona's most exclusive venues!

EMART Energy 2016 – for must-have insight and new ways of thinking

Our Advisory Board and our cooperation with EFET, and their working groups, are your warranty for an independent, original and well-balanced agenda.

This year it entails four separate conference streams, all consisting of independent strategic sessions, in depth presentations and the popular hub debates. Besides, there are two plenary sessions;  that are platforms for two of the main themes, the sector is dealing with.

The programme is being developed against the backdrop of a sector that is reinventing itself while being faced with a wide array of external factors impacting the business. Renewables are absorbing an increasing share of the energy mix and this fact has impacted wholesale prices permanently. Regulatory constraints are creating insecurity and are a growing burden to the sector. At the same time there are many technological changes, LNG is now arriving in Europe, Brexit and the current geopolitical issues are driving us towards a new era.

Who is the trusted commentator? Who is our guru?

Check our conference grid for an overview of what EMART will offer you; a colourful palette of sessions presenting you what you need to know. But we also invite our speakers to challenge you! So be prepared for the debate!

We are proud to present to you a strong list of speakers who represent leading trading firms, industry associations, the regulators, power and gas exchanges, knowledgeable consultants and the TSOs. Below is a sneak preview of the strategic sessions.

Strategic sessions

Featuring a session on power prices drivers, one on security of supply, flexibility and CRM and one on DSR, Aggregation & Storage, the Power trading stream will engage in market design, price formation and a look into new developments and how they (could) relate to trading. The following senior experts confirmed to speak in this session:

  • Mark Lewis, Managing Director and Head of Utilities at Barclays
  • Jan Ahrens, Business Director Carbon Market Analytics, ICIS Tschach Solutions
  • Yolanda Garcia Mezquita, European Commission, DG Energy - Unit B4
  • Eberhard Röhm-Malcotti, Head of EU Energy Policy, Axpo Services AG
  • Pieter Schell, Chair of the Aggregator Task Force, SEDC and VP Regulatory Affairs, Restore

With EMART being held in Amsterdam an entire session of the gas trading stream will be dedicated to gas hubs, especially to TTF and NBP. Now that the UK voted for a Brexit, analysts are writing scenarios about the impact on liquidity at these hubs. With LNG finally arriving in Europe we will be wondering what effect this will have on gas prices, what LNG trading entails and what regulatory arrangements need to be made. The geopolitical circumstances require a separate session on the future of gas. Please have a look to find out which speakers already confirmed to join this session:

  • Bert den Ouden, Managing Director, Energy at Berenschot and former CEO of APX
  • Rocio Prieto, Gas Director, Spanish regulator CNMC
  • Andrea Selvaggi, MD - Global Head of Commodities, Unicredit
  • Doug Wood, Member of the EFET Board

MiFIDII, REMIT and MAR will be followed with interest around EMART. There will be discussion about the exemption regime for commodities, new market structure under MiFIDII, the role of OTFs and how MAR will help detect potential abuses. Only the real experts of this rather complicated regulation will present in these sessions – make sure not to miss out on your annual update:

  • Riccardo Rossi, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Gazprom Marketing & Trading
  • Jasper Jorritsma, Senior Policy Advisor, Authority Financial Markets
  • Filip Sleeuwagen, EFET
  • Karl-Peter Horstmann, Head of Markets Regulation, RWE Supply & Trading

A new EMART agenda means new topics and ideas for the changing energy markets. In cooperation with our Advisory Board and EFET these sessions have been determined to provide new insight and inspiration for our participants. This is NEW:

  • DSR, Aggregation & Storage

Flexibility is a keyword these days and this session will feature an array of new players in the market and give their view as to how the environment is changing and what this means to the

  • P2P trading & Blockchain Technology

This innovation session will discuss the opportunities of Peer to Peer trading and Blockchain technology for energy traders. First-hand information will be given to you by the real experts

  • Who is the Uber or Airbnb in energy?

The theme for our plenary closing debate – will there be a utility or trader who comes up with an original angle for their business model? What are the requirements to become the Uber for energy?

  • Is LNG driving the prices?

In the next months liquefied natural gas shipments are arriving in Europe. Will this be the beginning of an actual price war between LNG and pipeline gas?

  • Renewables in the energy market

A roundtable debate with Traders, TSOs, Exchanges & RES generators about the integration of RES in the market and how traders could anticipate and create new business opportunities

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