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Global Smart Energy Summit - 2019


A truly global event, the Global Smart Energy Summit unites the region’s government energy leaders, regulators, utility companies, contractors, consultants and energy end-users for three days of dialogue, thought leadership and networking with smart energy pioneers from around the world.

Event Type:
Mar. 5-7, 2019
Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai , UAE

  • 3 opening global keynotes
  • 20+ countries 
  • 110+ local, regional and international speakers
  • 86 keynotes, case studies, plenary sessions and panel discussions
  • 14 hours of formal and informal networking opportunities
  • 9 content streams including: Driving Innovation, Smart Cities, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and MENA Projects

Exclusive keynote addresses from the US and Europe highlighted truly innovative ideas, world-class technologies and innovative case studies from some of the globe’s biggest and most recognised companies, brands and universities.

Content streams focued on the latest in Smart transmission and distribution, energy storage and management, renewable energy and energy efficiency – ensuring every attendee left with practical and implementable strategies and solutions.

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Konduko at Global Smart Energy Summit

In partnership with KONDUKO, Global Smart Energy Summit offers a smart lead generation solution for 2018 exhibitors. 

Konduko Smart Badge Readers will store all your digital collateral, company information and contact details in one place, available to all visitors at the touch of a badge. In return, the Smart Badge Reader collects detailed visitor information, ensuring you never miss another lead.

For more information, download the Konduko at GSES 2018 flyer here.

Key Benefits
  • Digital content for your visitors, instantly 
  • Don’t lose any leads, even when busy 
  • Qualify your leads based on interests
  •  Save on printing & logistics costs 
  • Capture high quality sales leads  
  • Immediate post-event follow up

How does it work?

A Smart Badge Reader is placed on your booth, pre-loaded with your digital information, collateral and contact information for visitors to collect. 

When a visitor touches their badge to the reader, their details are recorded, and at the end of the day they will receive an email containing the information on the specific product/company associated with the reader.

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