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Northeast Biomass Heating Conference & Expo 2017


Hosted by the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, the 2017 Conference & Expo will be held April 25-27 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, VT. Almost 2,000 attendees are expected at what has become one of the fastest-growing biomass thermal energy conferences in the United States. What started out as “Heating the Northeast” in 2009 has now grown into the Northeast Biomass Heating Expo, with over 1,500 individual attendees and 400 businesses, agencies, and organizations represented.

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Apr. 25-27, 2017
Burlington , VT , USA

Speakers, panel discussions, presentations, educational sessions and additional opportunities for tours and workshops make the Northeast Biomass Heating Expo an invaluable event for networking across industry, organizations, and government, while also building a comprehensive knowledge base of biomass thermal heating.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer, the Northeast Biomass Heating Conference & Expo is the must-attend biomass thermal heating event of the year.

More updates for the 2017 Expo are coming soon.

Conference Staff and Supporters

The 2017 NEBHX Steering Committee, Program Working Group, and Marketing Working Group are now being formed. If you would like to participate, contact Aaron Aber at

2017 Steering Committee

2017 Program Working Group

2017 Marketing Working Group

  • Bede Wellford (Working Group Chair)
  • vacant (Working Group Co-Chair)
  • Michelle Arsenault
  • Philip Bibeau
  • Matt Hiebert, Maine Energy Systems
  • Jeff Rubin, APM Advertising, Inc.
  • BTEC Staff
    • Jeff Serfass
    • Vera Medici
    • Aaron Aber

The following individuals were essential in the creation and direction of the 2016 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo.  We thank and recognize them for their support and dedication to this year’s event in Burlington, VT.

2016 Conference Steering & Program Committee

  • Adam Sherman (Conference Chair)
  • Phil Bibeau
  • Charlie Niebling
  • Michelle Arsenault
  • Andy Perchlik
  • Marc Caluwe
  • Jacob Roberson
  • Andy Boutin
  • David Frank
  • John Hinckley
  • Paul Frederick
  • David Spindler

Thermal energy (e.g. heating and cooling) is used daily by homes, businesses, and industrial facilities across the country. These thermal energy demands account for roughly one-third of the total energy consumption in the United States, and are mostly being met with fossil fuels. As a widely available sustainable source of renewable energy, biomass is uniquely poised to meet these heating needs while at the same time displacing fossil fuels.

The types of biomass most commonly used for energy include waste wood from the timber and wood products industries, as well as agricultural residues. These fuels can either be directly combusted, or they can undergo a variety of refining processes such as chipping or pelletization for use in a variety of applications. Through combustion, the chemical energy locked in these fuels is efficiently converted to thermal energy (heat) that can be used for space, water, and industrial process heating.

Maine is the fourth most petroleum dependent state in the country due to its high use of heating oil. Maine also has almost no homes and businesses with natural gas infrastructure. Only 4% of homes and businesses use natural gas and 70% use heating oil.

If the New England and New York region were able to meet 25% of all thermal energy requirements with renewable energy resources by the year 2025, the area would experience significant benefits, including:

  • Supply 19 million green tons of sustainable biomass for thermal energy available annually from forest and farm sources
  • Achieve 25% of all thermal energy from renewable resources by 2025
  • Achieve 75% of thermal renewable energy from biomass by 2025
  • Convert 1.38 million households in the seven states to biomass for thermal needs
  • Improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and build healthier communities
  • Reduce 1.14 billion gallons of heating oil annually
  • Reinvest $4.5 billion in resulting economic wealth in the Northeast economy
  • Create 140,200 jobs

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