Offshore Wind Europe 2017


After extensive research with the budget holders and decision makers at every offshore wind developer, operator and owner we have decided to host this forum in two tracks. The Pre-Construction track and the Post-Construction track. To avoid competitive clashes, each owner will be leading an interactive workshop that involves their piers across different companies with different sized portfolio for a fully wrapped networking and knowledge exchange experience.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 14-15, 2017
Poyle Road Colnbrook
London , UK

  • Building below €60/MWh - Price is Everything:

    Discuss how to strategize for an era of record breaking costs and how to avoid major CAPEX and OPEX budget underestimations so you can start to compete with the impressive costs that are coming up around Europe

  • Supply chain and technology evolution:

    Understand where the cost reduction will be seen and how it will be achieved as well as what needs to change from both a technology and supply chain perspective before we can start to build at these lower prices on an industry level not just on a few projects

  • Optimising and Upgrading existing assets:

    With budgets being pushed to the absolute limit, review what you can do with your existing assets to either optimise or upgrade them allowing you to increase your AEP and ROI

  • BoP – Cables, Electrics, Vessels, Strategy and more:

    Review the latest on cable failures as well as 66Kv and HVDC project progression, see how the costs of electrical packages are being driven down and discuss heavy lifting logistics as well as far from shore logistical concepts for a fully wrapped construction and O&M BoP assessment.

  • Turbine Package – Blades and upgrades:

    Discuss why we’re still facing leading edge erosion issues and how to solve them at the smallest expense so you avoid unnecessary expenditure and down time and review what upgrade options there are for the European markets that will see new project development slow down after 2018

  • Deep dive workshops – HSE, Floating Wind, Transmission cables:

    Work with the owners and their suppliers of Europe’s most exciting projects looking into all three of these important topics. Presenting a business case for each one, predicted (or already obtained) results and lessons learned so that you can review your own internal strategies

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